What are the best abilities to learn in Final Fantasy 16?

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In the fantastical realm of Final Fantasy 16, players are bestowed with the power to harness an intricate ability tree or skill tree, a veritable tapestry of skill upgrades that will shape and mold their character’s destiny within the game. From a powerful attack to a lesser charge time for your magic, we tell you the best abilities to learn in Final Fantasy 16.

As you journey through the game, prepare to unleash your true potential by unlocking a myriad of skills across various ability sets. Conquer formidable bosses to claim victory and reveal hidden treasures, such as the awe-inspiring Garuda ability set, unlocked only by vanquishing the mighty Benedikta.

Unlocking and mastering the right abilities is the key to dominating Final Fantasy 16 battles. These skills are like hidden treasures that make everything easier. Discovering and learning them first will give you a major advantage.

Discover a world of possibilities in Final Fantasy 16 with this comprehensive guide on the top abilities to learn and master. Discover the game-changing skills that can be acquired in the first quarter of your adventure, and unravel the distinction between mere learning and true mastery. Get ready to level up your gameplay like never before!

Learning vs. Mastery

In the world of Final Fantasy 16, mastering a skill like the incredible Heatwave move not only adds power to Clive’s arsenal, but also grants you the thrilling ability to assign it to your very own Phoenix Eikon Wheel, as depicted in the captivating image below. Get ready to unleash the fury!


Unlocking new abilities is just the beginning! Once you’ve mastered a skill, get ready to level up and unleash its full potential.

Unleash the full potential of your abilities and watch as they transform any Eikon in your arsenal into a force to be reckoned with!

Unlock the secrets of upgrading and mastering abilities by simply hovering over them in the menu and pressing the Triangle button. It’s like discovering hidden treasures at your fingertips!

In your epic journey through Final Fantasy 16, unleash your true potential by acquiring, enhancing, and mastering a myriad of incredible skills and abilities. Harness the power of ability points, earned organically as you conquer foes, amass treasures, and ascend to new heights of greatness!

Unlock the power to reshape your destiny! With the ability to freely reallocate points after investing in upgrades and mastery, you hold the key to limitless potential. No longer bound by your initial choices, you have the freedom to reinvent yourself and channel your points towards new and exciting abilities. Embrace the thrill of transformation and let your imagination soar!

Get ready, because in this guide I’m going to spill all the details on the incredible abilities you can unlock right from the start of the game!

Get a leg up on the competition and discover the perfect attack style that matches your playstyle! Unlock the ultimate abilities for your earned Eikons and dominate the game like never before.

Let’s dive into the realm of unlocking the most mind-blowing abilities right from the start!

What are the best abilities to learn in Final Fantasy 16

Best Combat Abilities to learn in Final Fantasy 16

The combat wheel provides a wide range of attacks, although they are fundamental in nature. All of these attacks will be useful in various situations, with the exception of Taunt. It is advisable to unlock all of them for effective planning.

If you need to prioritize your ability points, it is recommended to unlock and master these first.



This technique is effective for closing the distance between you and a target. Additionally, it can be used to launch an attack and potentially block the enemy’s attack if timed correctly.

Developing this skill improves the distance that Clive can travel when it is performed.

Charged Magic


Pressing Triangle activates a magical spell that can be used against enemies. When the magic is charged, the power of the spell is amplified. This intensified magic has the ability to break an enemy’s guard and lift lighter enemies both on the ground and in the air.

With mastery, the charging time for the magic is decreased.

Burning Blade


Burning Blade imbues Clive’s sword with fire. Upon learning the skill, the Square button can be held to activate it during battle, resulting in a stronger attack compared to the standard Square tap.

In situations where you encounter weaker opponents, there are various scenarios where this attack can be utilized without concern for the charge-up time.

However, it is important to have a strong grasp of the attack technique in order to effectively use it against more powerful adversaries. This is due to the vulnerability one experiences while charging up the blade, potentially necessitating the need to evade attacks before being able to execute any actions with it. Achieving mastery of this skill decreases the amount of time needed to charge the sword.

When facing stronger enemies, utilizing Burning Blade is most effective when taking advantage of temporary blind spots or when the enemy is staggered. This strategy allows for increased time and the ability to inflict more substantial damage compared to standard melee attacks.

Precision Dodge


Developing this ability at an early stage is crucial, particularly if one’s defensive skills in games like this are not strong.

Precision Dodge allows for a longer opportunity to evade potentially lethal attacks. This can be achieved by pressing the right trigger button when the enemy initiates an attack. If timed accurately, you can then respond with a magic or sword attack.

Mastering the Precision Dodge extends the time available to press the right trigger button.

Swift Recovery


Even with the Precision Dodge, it is likely that you will still be hit multiple times.

Swift Recovery assists in faster recovery and enables a prompt return to action after being attacked by the enemy, activated by pressing the appropriate trigger button.

When getting back up, Swift Recovery also includes a quick melee attack on any nearby enemies.

Best Eikon Abilities to learn in Final Fantasy 16


Eikon attacks inflict much greater damage compared to standard combat attacks, which is understandable. In this guide, I will be discussing the abilities of Phoenix and Garuda due to their early availability in the gameplay.

In the “Gear and Eikons” menu, it is only possible to reassign two Eikon attacks to the corresponding wheel at a time. Therefore, it is recommended to unlock the Eikon abilities as early as possible.

Flames of Rebirth


This ability requires a significant number of ability points to learn and master, but it is highly beneficial.

The attack is capable of inflicting significant damage to multiple nearby enemies, making it a worthwhile option.

Additionally, it is worth noting that it also replenishes Clive’s HP when utilized, making it an obvious choice.

Phoenix Shift


The Phoenix Shift ability is effective for swiftly approaching and inflicting damage upon enemies, particularly those who are airborne and attempt to attack from a perceived safe distance.

The attack is initially available with the Phoenix Eikon, but it is advisable to invest ability points to enhance the coverage distance for each shift.

Rising Flames


This attack is effective for dealing damage to both strong enemies and multiple weaker ones. Additionally, its relatively short cooldown period enhances its usefulness, especially in the earlier stages of the game when there are fewer Eikon wheels available during battle.

Once you have acquired proficiency in this skill, you can apply it to any Eikon. If you are managing points, it is recommended to prioritize learning and upgrading other vital abilities before returning to master this one.



Gouge can be used once you acquire Garuda’s abilities, but it requires points to upgrade and master. It is an aggressive attack that continuously tears at the enemy with sharp claws. It is particularly effective when executed with multiple enemies nearby.

It is advisable to prioritize upgrading this ability to enhance strike speed and damage dealt per round. However, if points are being managed, it is also possible to delay mastering this ability.

Aerial Blast


Many attacks require close proximity to the enemy, so it is logical to have one that does not.

The ability Aerial Blast, used by Garuda, has the capability to track enemies and enclose them in a swirling tornado, causing damage. This attack is highly potent, however, it does require a significant amount of time before it can be used again, highlighting the importance of upgrading it promptly.

Increasing the ability upgrades the length of the tornado, providing more time for a repeated attack.

Additionally, this attack is considered to be one of the most costly ones mentioned thus far, therefore it may be necessary to save up some funds.

I suggest referring to our guide on how to farm ability points in Final Fantasy 16 and gil in order to efficiently learn and master these abilities. Good luck!

Learn more about the best abilities to learn in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 brings in a bombastic character action experience with its compelling characters and an arsenal of abilities. Throughout the game, you will unlock abilities through an ability tree, and choose your ability sets that suit your combat style. This FAQ aims to help you pick the best abilities for a successful adventure.

What should be my focus for early-game abilities?

Focus on unlocking “Swift Recovery” as it’s an Amazing early-game Ability. Swift Recovery is a versatile action recovery skill that allows your character to regain health when executing precision dodges against incoming enemy attacks. It costs a bit of ability points, but it’s worth it.

What are some powerful attack abilities for dealing damage to enemies?

“Burning Blade” is an ability you should aim for. Official description details: Burning Blade can trigger a burst of flames around the blade causing lots of damage to nearby enemies. Charge it by holding the attack button to unleash a more powerful attack. For aerial combat, consider “Aerial Blast”. Aerial Blast is great for air combos and extended combos. It deals excellent damage output and is particularly effective against lighter enemies.

Another option is “Lightning Rod”. This ability calls down powerful bolts of lightning, dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies within range. Thundaga is a variant where you can have varied combinations of lightning strikes, such as a barrage of ball lightning.

How to effectively deal damage to bosses?

During boss battles, focus on building the stagger meter of the boss by using abilities with high stagger damage like “Downthrust”. Mastering Downthrust in combination with other attacks like Lunge can create a powerful skill combo. Once in the stagger phase, unleash your powerful abilities like “Diamond Dust” for massive ice damage.

How can I deal with groups of enemies?

For multiple nearby enemies, AoE (Area of Effect) skills are best. “Wall of Flames” is an AOE attack ability that creates a wall of flames, damaging nearby enemies over a period of time. For distant enemies, use ranged attack abilities such as “Chargeable Long-Range Attack” for precise damage.

How can I enhance my damage output during combat?

Learning how to use follow-up attacks effectively is key. After executing a basic attack, there is a window, albeit a shorter window for some abilities, during which you can press a button combination to unleash a follow-up attack for additional damage.

What is the utility of the ability “Precision Dodge”?

Precision Dodge’s main function is to avoid incoming attacks with accuracy. If you time it right, it creates an active window for counter-attacks, and in combination with the “Swift Recovery” it can also recover health.

Are there any hunt-specific abilities?

For hunts, particularly for murder hunt locations, focus on abilities that have a higher success rate of dealing damage to tougher enemies. “5x Attack” ability, for instance, is effective as it allows you to unleash 5 attacks in quick succession, allowing you to deal damage before the hunt boss can counter.

How do I manage my ability point usage?

Always check the ability tab to review the ability point cost of each ability. Opt for the cheapest abilities that suit your playstyle early on, and as you progress, start investing in higher-cost, more powerful abilities.


There is a wide arsenal of moves and abilities to learn in Final Fantasy 16. From basic skills, powerful skill combos, to your ultimate ability, the choices can be overwhelming. Experiment with differentabilities and find the combination that works best for your character action leanings and the cast of characters you are playing with. Pay attention to ability cooldown times, the charge-up time for heavier attacks, and make sure to use precision dodges and ranged attacks effectively. Focus on maximizing your damage output and optimizing your ability choices for both single targets and AOE damage to enemies, especially during tough boss battles. Being versatile and adaptable in your ability selections will ensure a more enjoyable and successful journey in the world of Final Fantasy 16.

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