Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough – Never get lost with our Dragon Quest V Guide

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Dragon Quest V is actually the sequel to Dragon Quest IV. It was the first game in the series to release on Super Famicom in 1992. Dragon Quest V was re-released as a remake on PlayStation 2 in 2004 (only in Japan), and on Nintendo DS in 2008 and 2009. It’s the first game that introduce the monster capture mechanic and the multigenerational story.

Enjoy our Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough so you’re never stuck!

Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough – Beginning

After watching Dragon Quest V opening credits, you’ll find yourself on a ship. Your father will tell you to tour the ship when you awaken. So go on and mingle with everyone; when you get back to the deck, someone will have mentioned your proximity.

When the ship docks, the captain will ask you to go retrieve your father; therefore, head back below deck to speak with him once more before following him back above deck.

Verify that you took the medical herb out of the drawer in your room before you leave.

When your father (Papas) tells you to go outside and play while he attends to some business, explore the area first. When you exit to the north and step outside, three slimes will attack you. Your father will assist you once you’ve fought for a while.

After the fight, he will heal you, and you will then move to a town (you may get attacked a couple times along the way).

People will be shocked to see your father when you first arrive in town. You’ll eventually wind yourself at a residence where Papas and Sancho will converse. If you want to go upstairs, Bianca, a young girl there, will ask you. If you respond positively, she will take you upstairs and attempt to read you a book.

Then her mother arrives, and she departs. Talk to your father after looking around the remainder of the house; he will say he needs to leave for a little while.

Now leave the house and explore the neighbourhood. You can learn that someone went into the town’s cave to seek for medical herbs but hasn’t come out by talking to the locals.

Don’t venture too far into the cave until you are at least level 4 or 5, as you are still very weak there. The cave entrance lies on the northwest side of town.

You will learn the spell Heal at level 4, which will be of great use to you.

Push the boulder out of the way to free the man after entering the cave and going a few floors below where you will discover him stuck by it. He will inform you that he must return and prepare the medication for Duncan’s wife.

Return to Sancho’s home in the town and take a nap there.

When Papas suggests escorting Bianca and her mother back to Alcapa in the morning while they are still at Sancho’s home and asks if you want to go along, you should reply yes.

Papas will lead you to Alcapa.


When you get there, head straight towards the inn where Duncan is sleeping. When you ask your father to take you for a walk, he will instruct you to leave the room, and Bianca will ask to come along.

Examine the area, buy some new tools, and then go to the southwest section of the town to see some kids abusing a cat. Speak with them, and Bianca will demand that they surrender the cat to her. If you defeat the spirits in Lenoire Castle, they promise to give up the cat.

Talk to Papas when you get back to the inn. As you prepare to return to Santa Rosa after learning that Duncan simply had a cold, Duncan’s wife invites you to stay the night.

You are awakened in the middle of the night by Bianca, who tells you that you must accompany her to the castle in order to drive away the spirits and save the cat.

Before going to the castle, level up outside of town; if you need to rest, return to the inn. Additionally, the Papas will need to relax in the morning due to Duncan’s cold so that you can carry on the following evening. You can do this as many times as necessary to reach the comfort level to move on.

To get to the Castle of Lenoire from Alcapa, head either north over the bridge or west around the mountains.

The main door is closed, so head east, climb the stairs, and enter through the gate at the top of the castle. The gate will shut behind you and enclose you. When you descend to the lower floor, you will see a number of skeletons lying on the beds. As you approach the stairs, they charge at you, and Bianca vanishes.

Grab the chests, descend to the lower floor, and then descend once more. When you exit through the door and step outdoors, you will hear some moaning. If you look in one of the graves, you will find Bianca.

When you enter the room you just left with Bianca back on your team, you will notice a ghost in the northwest corner. One of the bookcases and stools will move when the ghost is spoken to, revealing a further stairway down.

On the bed in this chamber, a spirit named Sophia is asking you to reclaim her and her husband’s graves for them. descend to the following floor.

This floor is completely dark; move to the east while listening for the “thud” of hitting a wall, then move to the south. You ought to go where it is lit up. Retrace your steps to the kitchen.

The King’s spirit will exit the frame to the west. Follow him outside and up the stairs. He will ask for your assistance when you speak with him; if you agree, you should go back downstairs to the kitchen and look in the pot next to the sink for the torch the King was referring to.

You can see a stairway leading up to the north if you go back up now and USE the torch in the dark room.

When you proceed south on this floor, a statue will follow you; conversing with the statue after it moves puts you in conflict with the Walking Statue.

When you succeed, go upstairs to a chamber with some pots where you will find the King. Speak with him and he will direct you “this way,” but first he will check the bottom middle pot for a medical herb before you search it.

After ascending to the next story, turn around and head west before heading south and opening the front door.

No, return upstairs and enter the inn’s room on the east side. If you opened the front door, feel free to take a nap here since if you wake up outdoors, you may simply reenter through the front door.

Once you discover a pair of stairs, head back up to where the inn once stood, turn north, and enter the room to the west to find the monster.

He places you to the table around which the skeletons were sat, and four demon candles assault you there.

After defeating them, return to the monster’s room; when he escapes outdoors, just follow him.

After speaking with him, you will have to take on the Boss Ghost.

The King and Queen escort you to the graves after you win, where they praise you and give you the Gold Orb. Both the note on the wall and the gravestone carvings have been changed.

Now return to Alcapa, where you will find a note letting you know that your accomplishment has been heard throughout the community. As you walk away, Bianca will inform you that you need to give the kitten a name and will then present you with four different options. Once you’ve made your decision, you can approach the villagers to hear their impressions on your achievement.

If your father asks you if you’re ready to depart, you should respond “yes,” and you should then proceed to Santa Rosa.

Return to Santa Rosa

When you return to Sancho’s home and learn that Papas has received a letter, Sancho sends you away, claiming that you must be exhausted.

Papas will advise you not to leave the village when he has to check something out at home in the morning.

From Sancho’s house, head north and speak with the medical herb person. The medical herb person will inform you that he has a gift for you in return for saving his life, and that it is in the dresser. Get the Handwoven Cape from the dresser and equip it for Borongo.

Talk to everyone in town again, and when you spot a ghostly person seated at the bar on the second floor of the inn, approach her.

She will say that a house with a basement is where you should meet because she prefers a calm environment. So go to Sancho’s house, descend to the basement, and have another conversation with the spectral figure. A flight of stairs will then materialise once she asks you to follow her.

Hometown of the Elves

When you reach the top, Lady Powan will need to speak with you. She wants you to restore their stolen Flute of Spring, which is required to usher in Spring, when you speak to her. If you promise to assist, Bella will join your group.

The thieves are in the Ice Mansion to the north, but it is locked with an old door, and there are Dwarves to the west who can produce a Thief’s Key, if you look around the town.

So leave the settlement and enter the Dwarves’ Cave, which is far to the west. Find the Secret of the Key by making your way to the cave’s base. The entrances to the cave and the Ice Mansion can now be opened.

Return to the city, save, and take a nap if necessary. proceed to the Ice Mansion in the north.

You can find Zaile on floor two, and he will inform you that you must engage in combat with him in order to get the flute back.

When you defeat him, you’ll discover that the Snow Queen was employing him to carry out her orders. Zaile will declare he needs to return to his grandfather and that you should take her out before you talk to him again.

You can find the Flute of Spring by looking in the two chests.

Return to the Village of Elves with the Flute of Spring and speak to Lady Powan there once more. She will thank you, make a pledge to assist you in the future if you need it, transform the landscape into spring, and then send you back home.

Sancho informs you upon your return that you just missed your father departing for Reinhart and that they were unable to locate you; but, if you move quickly, you might be able to catch up with him. Find him by going to the church.

He suggests that you join him in praying to God (so save). When you’re prepared, he promises to meet you at the village’s entrance.


Papas will guide you through a tunnel you couldn’t previously use to Reinhart. When you go to the castle, you are led up to the king, whereupon Papas instructs you to go exploring while he speaks with the monarch.

Once you have spoken with everyone in the castle, go back to the throne room and speak with the King. He will inform you that he has requested Papas to watch Henry and ask you to become his buddy.

You can find Papas in Henry’s room if you go downstairs. He will also ask you to become friends with Henry and will want you to go see him.

Go talk to Henry now. He will ask you once more whether you want to be his goon; if you agree, he will have you retrieve a Goon Badge from the adjacent room. However, when you return to Henry, he will have vanished.

Henry has returned and will instruct Papas to leave the room when you return to notify Papas that he is missing. Papas will inquire as to whether you dreamed, then return to the room and speak with Henry once more. When he asks if you have the badge, reply “NO.” You should recheck the chest, he will instruct you.

He’ll have vanished once more. You can find a stairway by looking in the area were Henry was instead of grabbing Papas once more. Henry will be angry that you discovered the staircase and tell you that you are still not qualified to be a goon because you forgot the badge when you ascend the stairs.

Then two thugs will enter and kidnap Henry; they’ll be followed, and they’ll watch them put Henry on a ship and leave. Go fetch Papas right away since he won’t believe you, will examine the room, and will beg you not to tell anyone that he’s absent.

Papas will pursue them, but since you now have access to the town, upgrade what you can in your party to prepare for the journey ahead before you follow.

When you’re ready, leave the city and go to the cave that the villagers have been mentioning.

From the castle, travel south until you reach the mountains, then turn east until you reach the shore. From there, travel north and a bit farther east to reach the cave.

You can locate Papas fighting some creatures after making your way through the cave; he will win with ease.

Henry will be in a jail cell when you reach that point. Papas will rip the door off the cell, and when Henry complains that it took too long, Papas will slap him.

More monsters assault you as you attempt to depart; Papas stops to engage them and orders you to rescue Henry from the cave.

There aren’t any haphazard fights, but Gema stops you when you get to the entryway. Your party is destroyed by Gema, and suddenly Papas shows up. Gonz and Jahmi are called by Gema on Papas. When Gema places a blade to the Hero’s throat and makes a threat to send his soul to wander hell for all eternity, Papas starts to clean up and defeats them.

Papas continues to fight Jahmi and Gonz and simply endures their blows till he is defeated.

After killing Papas with a spell, Gema asks Jahmi and Gonz to take you away while Papas tells you that your mother is still alive. When they inquire about the panther baby, Gema advises releasing it into the wild. However, she suddenly sees your Golden Orb and snatches it, crushing it.


Your captivity by the monsters has lasted for ten years. Continue conversing with individuals as you turn to the right and up the stairs.

If you look about the area—most people are very gloomy to chat to—you’ll locate Henry if you travel south from the top of the temple after climbing the steps to the east.

After speaking with him, proceed up the stairs in the northwest corner and speak with the guard there. He will discuss how his sister was sold into slavery, but telling you won’t help.

If you keep going, you’ll come upon some tombs and a man who is chained to a wall. For the time being, that is all you can accomplish down here, so return to the temple’s peak. When you do, you’ll be informed that your day is over.

Talk to everyone in the rest area when you first wake up. A guard will then enter and tell you it is time to return to work.

When you are ready, climb to the temple’s summit where some people may have something fresh to say. Then, descend to where the rocks are gathered. When you go there, you see Maria, the sister of the guards, being spanked.

Go up and join Henry as he runs up to confront the guards after talking to you and telling you that this must end. When you succeed, additional guards show up, take Maria to the doctors, and lock you up.

After speaking with Henry a few times, you will see a guard and Maria enter. The guard will then open the cell with the water and then your own cell.

Go talk to them; the guard Joshua will implore you to save his sister by removing her from the temple because it is said that after the temple is finished, all the slaves will be executed.

He instructs you to board the river they use to flush corpses out to sea and ride in the barrel. Therefore, board the barrel to arrive close to a shrine.

Unknown Nunnery

You have been gone for three days when you suddenly awaken in a nunnery bed. When you speak to her again, she will tell you that she has changed your clothes.

You may find Maria in the nunnery on the east side; she will offer you 1000G that her brother gave her.

Go outside the nunnery and speak with Henry. He will tell you to speak with him again when you are prepared to leave, so do so when you are ready and everyone will bid you farewell.

Gain some experience points and you’ll start to notice that day and night are passing (you can take a nap in the Nunnery in the room where you woke up).

After that, travel there to the city.


You will be able to do different things depending on whether it is daytime or nighttime when you get in town.

If you come in the day, you can browse the shops, upgrade, or go to the casino to try to win some money.

However, there are some beneficial things to do if you return at night. Purchase the Wagon from the dwarf in the northwest corner of town.

If you haven’t previously, talk to the man in the southwest corner of the village down the stairs; if your wagon fills up, he will store monsters for you. A monster can be left, picked up, its statistics checked, or it can be banished (part command).

You will now have a caravan that follows you outside, and you can switch between members of your party while engaged in combat with those in the wagon. Additionally, monsters can now join your party.

You can utilise them in battle and they will acquire experience if you go outside and defeat some slimes or brownies, who are weaker enemies.

Once you’ve had your fill of exploring the area and gambling, head north.

Revisiting Santa Rosa

As you continue north, you will return to Santa Rosa, but it is in ruins.

Speak with the locals. The nun at the church will tell you that the Reinhart guards set the village on fire when Henry didn’t come back and they blamed Papas. She will then say that she shouldn’t be telling a stranger this, but when you identify yourself, she will recognize you.

Take the boat into the cave to explore a new region after speaking with the elderly guy behind the house on the northwest side of town.

This time, you’ll descend a few more floors. Make the majority of a floor crack when you encounter one that creaks when you step on it; this will cover the water below and allow you to move on.

Then, at the bottom, you will discover a message from Papas informing you that you have been left the Zenithian Sword and that you must locate the Legendary Hero and the Zenithian Armor.

As you exit the cave, grab the Zenithian Sword. On your walk out, speak with the nun and the elderly guy because their talks have changed.

Revisited alcapa

If you look around the village, you’ll see that Bianca, Duncan, and his wife have all relocated into a home in the east-facing mountains.

At a pot, a Small Medal can also be found in the house in the town’s northwest corner.

As usual, talk to everyone in town to collect information.

Take a nap in the inn, and Henry will wake you up to tell you about his concerns for Reinhart and how unfairly people are talking about his native country.

Use the tunnel you used as a child ten years ago as you travel east via Santa Rosa in the morning.

When the guard at the gate informs you that you cannot pass without the right documentation, Henry hits him and addresses him as Tom. When the guard inquires as to how he came to that conclusion, Henry replies that he scared the man with frogs, which convinces him that you are who you say you are and allows you to pass.

You can update your equipment in town and donate money to a young boy and his sister who haven’t eaten in three days before you head north to the castle. The majority of the castle is guarded when you enter, and the mercenaries don’t seem to be very friendly.

When you try to leave the castle at that time, Henry will bemoan your hasty departure and declare there isn’t much you can do if you can’t enter the castle before recalling something about a hidden entrance.

You may now view a cave underneath the drawbridge if you visit the castle at night and it is open.

The actual Queen will reveal she abducted Henry once you get through the cave, but she did it just to save her own child.

If you keep going, you’ll arrive in the castle’s courtyard, where you can continue your exploration. Talk to Dale in the throne room; he will be glad to see you and tell you that things have been happening oddly and that he wasn’t aware his mother was in the dungeon.

He will give you the Reinhart Key; use it to return to the kitchen, exit the building through the other door, and then unlock the previously locked door.

You can find a Small Medal in a pot.

It is mentioned in the east bookcase that a tower in the southerly territories contains a mirror that reflects the true nature of things.

You will be brought back to the location south of the Nameless Nunnery and the Southern Tower is immediately south of you if you take the stairs and enter the Traveler’s Gate.

However, if you walk to the tower, you are unable to open the door. Instead, return to the nunnery and speak to everyone there. Someone from the nunnery will need to unlock the door, but no one wants to go outside. Finally, Maria speaks up and offers to go along because she owes you so much.

Return to the tower; you won’t be able to open the door, but Maria will beg for help, and the door will then swing open.

The Mirror of Ra is at the top of the tower, where you must traverse “air” to reach there. To cross, choose the left or right side of the road (not the middle), and you should have no trouble.

Return to the location where the Traveler’s Gate led you and use it to access Reinhart Castle. Since Henry appears to have freed his mother from prison and they are both in the upstairs room, he will be absent from the royal room.

Henry will be confused about which Queen is the real one if he goes upstairs, so go to the west one and use the Mirror of Ra to make the monster visible.

When you do, an imposter will assault you; kill it to rescue the day.

He also advises that the port to the south is now open and you might be able to catch a ship from there and continue on your adventure. All of Henry’s equipment is in the Depository in Oracleberry. Henry will now stay behind to assist Dale in running the kingdom.

To proceed, go to the Vista port.

Selmi Port

When you get there, head north from the docks and check out the lighthouse; you’ll find a dwarf up there, and in his room, you can find a Small Medal in a chest of drawers.

Visit the local area and update your tools.

You can locate another Small Medal on the east side of the church by looking among the flowers. On the other side, look for 100G. The Depository is also located in the Church’s basement if necessary.

The owner of the ship in town is a man by the name of Ludman, and since he doesn’t know you, you probably can’t use it.

As you enter the inn and move toward the east, a peasant will enter, and two thugs will attempt to steal his money. They will then ask you if you want a piece of them; if you do, you will engage in combat with two bandit wolves.

The peasant will eventually urge you to aid their hamlet (Kabochi) because a monster has been destroying their fields and they need to be able to sell the food in order to survive. The settlement is far to the south, he tells you while giving you 1500G, and then he runs off.

Return to the town at night; some locals will have more information to share with you, especially the clients of the bar where it appears that the bartenders have divulged your travels.


As you approach Kabochi in the south at night, a shadowy person will be running out of one of the fields. Spend the night there since there isn’t much to do in this town at night.

A Small Medal can be found upstairs in one of the plants in the southwest corner of the townhouse. The argument about your hiring will occur here as well, and you will discover the creature is from the west.

Look for a Small Medal in the northwest corner of the hillside store/church.

Make sure you have Bianca’s Ribbon before heading west; after you’re ready to go, proceed west and search for a cave.

As you progress through the cave, look to the north of the skeleton you come across by the ancient campfire to uncover a small medal.

A Killer Panther is protecting a sword in the small area at the bottom of the cave when you arrive there.

Use the Bianca’s Ribbon on your hero, and Borongo will recognise you and join your party. When you seek the weapon, you will find Papas’ Sword.

The people in Kabochi will either be terrified of Borongo or will accuse you of defrauding them by alleging that you and “the monster” were involved in this together. The chief will nevertheless give you the remaining 1500 G and will then instruct you to go.

Return to Port Selmi, then.

Check out the Inn after dark as you arrive at Port Selmi. There is an elderly man named Papas who will tell you about the legendary hero and his quest for Zenithian equipment as well as his desire to enter the Demon World.

Another individual is aware of an elderly man who studies spells and is knowledgeable about a spell that facilitates travel who lives west of Port Selmi.

So arm yourself, level up, take a break, and move west.


You’ll see a sign pointing west that instructs you to keep going that direction to reach Ruraphin.

Enter the town; a small medal is contained in a pot on the second floor of the building.

You’ll discover while you’re in town that Henry is getting married, and the ceremony is taking place in Reinhard.

Go to the house where smoke is coming from, and ask the elderly guy inside if you would want to assist him. When you do, he will give you directions and a map to the RuraMoon Herb, which is to the west of the village. Additionally, you can only harvest the herb at night.

Therefore, when you’re ready, go west to locate the RuraMoon Herb.

It will flash in the dark so you will know when you have found it. Look around to find the herb so you can bring it back to the elderly guy.

The herb will ignite and erupt when he throws it into the big pot. The old man Bennet will ask you if you have any new spells when you may travel once more. Check your spell list and you can cast return, so choose a destination and the old man will be pleased.

Once you have used the Return spell to become enlightened, go back to Reinhart and speak with the Chancellor. He will inform you of the availability of the Wayfarer’s Map in Oracleberry.

Then speak with Dale; he will inform you that they have instructed their scholars to investigate the Legendary Hero and that they have discovered information on the shield in Salabona, a town south of Ruraphin.

Now go upstairs and speak with Henry; it appears that Maria is a former slave and that they want you to locate a suitable wife.

So go back to Oracleberry for a little while, check out the waggon salesman—but keep in mind that he is only there at night—and get the Wayfarer’s Map.

It only works outside, but it can be used to get a sense of where you are in the world.


RETURN to Ruraphin, then head south to Salabona.

You’ll pass a shack on the way; go inside to hear folks talking about Lady Flora.

Also look for a Small Medal in the well.

Now keep going south till you come to a cave. You can find a small medal in a chest that you come across when exploring the cave.

You will find a village with a tower adjacent to it if you exit the tunnel and turn a little to the south and then west.

A dog will approach you as soon as you enter the town.

The talk in the village will be about Ludman marrying off his daughter Flora, and although the standards for courting her are exceedingly high, the reward for success is an heirloom shield.

You can find the dog again by going to the large mansion in the northwest section of the city. Speak with the woman by the door and let her know that you are there to court Flora.

To “win” his daughter, Ludman will summon you into the adjacent chamber and instruct you to fetch him the Water and Flame Rings, which are scattered throughout the universe.

The Flame Ring located in a cave southeast of town, Ludman will notify you when everyone else has left.

The town will be back to normal the following day if you return to the hotel now and recover. We need to get Ludman’s heritage shield, which one of the men by the well informed you is also known as the Zenithian Shield.

When you’re ready, proceed south to the volcano. This can be a dangerous location, so use caution and bring someone with StepGuard if you have them.

The Ring of Flames is at the bottom, where you will discover it. Andy will have been harmed and Flora will be caring for him if you return to Salabona and stop by the residence in the southwest part of town.

Now that you have the Ring of Flames in your possession, you should speak with Ludman. He will recognise you as having discovered the Ring of Flames and will offer you the use of his ship because the Ring of Water is presumably somewhere in the sea.

Rest up if you haven’t already, then head for the ship and head north until you encounter a gate blocking the canal. The ship is waiting outside of town. Open the gate and engage the locals in conversation, according to the neighbouring sign.

A Small Medal can be found in the east graveyard of the settlement.

Once you tell him who you are and whether or not you ran into Bianca, he will inquire if you went to the house on the north side of town. When Bianca sees you, she will be happy to see you but disappointed that you are getting married. She claims she can open the gate in the morning and wants to accompany you while you search for the Water Ring.

Sail north up the river; when you get to the big lake, head north and east and follow the river there to the north; when you see a waterfall, sail into the cave behind it.

You can find the Ring of Water by walking behind the waterfall near the bottom of the cave after making your way through it.

Return to Salabona and speak with Ludman there. When you do, he will inform you that the wedding planning has already begun and will ask Flora if getting married to you will work. She agrees to her father’s request, but after seeing Bianca and observing your relationship, she realises that you two are in love and that she cannot compel you to marry her.

You will spend the night in the inn, while Bianca stays in Ludman’s second home, at Ludman’s request.

You won’t be able to fall asleep and will be awake all night. Visit the estate and speak with Ludman; he will assure you that he will handle the wedding arrangements regardless of who you select and that the invitations have already been distributed.

Talk to Bianca in the second house right away; she’s also having trouble falling asleep. She advises you to wed Flora because it is morally correct.

Return to the inn now, and speak with the proprietor about spending the night there. You will be asked to choose a bride when you are called to Ludman’s mansion in the morning, but you are free to choose who you want to wed. Therefore, talk to the potential wife-to-be.

Bianca travels to get married because I chose her, and Flora follows to lend a hand. Then Ludman sends you to the mountain village’s general store to purchase a Silk Veil. So gather some monsters for your group and return to the hamlet. While there, talk to Duncan and the general storekeeper to obtain the veil.

Return and speak with the woman outside the second house; she will instruct you to enter. Be sure your hero is clutching the Silk Veil or you will be unable to do so. Bianca will tell you to get her to the chapel if you go inside and put the Silk Veil on her head.

Maria and Henry will show up after you step outdoors. Head to the church when they depart.

You’ll exchange vows and stay up late celebrating. Bianca suggests that you see Ludman in the morning to express your gratitude, and when you do, he congratulates you, offers you the Zenithian Shield, 2000 G, and unrestricted access to his ship in Port Selmi.

If you go back to Mountain Village at night and speak to the owner of the General Store, he will tell you that he once manufactured a Veil for a prince by the name of Papas. Additionally, if you spend the night in the Alcapa Inn, Bianca will have flashbacks to the past and yearn to share your bed.

Now take that ship to Port Selmi.


The person manning the ship will ask you if you are “you,” and if you respond “YES,” he will allow you access.

He advises you to first check out the Tavern for some intriguing rumours. When you do, you find out that sailing south will lead you to a desert with a castle that allegedly contains the legendary hero’s grave.

That place seems like a wonderful idea. From the peninsula where Kabochi is located, if you head straight south, you will enter the desert.

Going a little west from there will bring you to another island with the Medal King’s Castle in the middle, where you may exchange your small medals for valuable stuff.

Return to the west now, land in the desert if you can, and travel south to the Oasis. If you enter the area west of the water, an elderly man will greet you and tell you about the Medal King and the Telepador castle.

A Small Medal can be seen in his home’s east pot as well.

So go to the castle in the west and explore. Whether you approach the queen in the southwest corner of the gardens’ lower level, she will ask you if you want to visit the legendary hero’s grave. If you reply “YES,” she will lead you to a locked room containing the Zenithian Helm and a tablet. She’ll want you to try the Helm on, but you can’t actually use it.

When she returns to the garden, she will ask you why you are looking for the Legendary Hero. If you say “yes,” tell her that you are trying to save your mother from the Demon World. She will then direct you to follow her out of the area. She would mention King Papas of Granvania, a country in the east, who went with his son on a journey and that you ought to investigate this place.


Return to your ship, sail east, and look for a shrine along the shore; this will be Ned’s Inn.

The inn and priest nearby make this a nice site to level up despite the challenging climb up the mountain.

Head up the mountain pass when you’re ready. Go down to the next level and speak with the woman there and accept her invitation to spend the night; you will awaken during the night to a scraping noise, and the woman will come down and say she sharpened your sword, increasing your power by 5. There are also some stairs on the east side that lead down, and the west pot has a Small Medal (the east pot has a Demon Jar).

When you finally reach the town of Chizod and arrive there, Bianca will pass out. The innkeeper will take her inside so you can both relax.

When you’re ready, cross the bridge in the village and descend the other side of the mountain via the cave to get to Granvania.

When you get to the castle, go east and then north, and then go inside the little home. After some time, Sancho recognises you and leads you to Ojiron, the acting king and brother of your father, at his home.

Bianca faints once again as you speak.

When she is brought upstairs, it is discovered that she is pregnant.

Talk to the King downstairs; he will tell you that he wants to grant you the throne but that you must first pass through the Cave of Trials, east of the castle, and obtain the Symbol of Royalty as has been done for millennia. He will then instruct you to rest the night and depart the next morning.

Check out the rest of the castle in the morning. A Small Medal is kept in one of the chests of drawers on the floor beside the two baths in the southeast corner of the room. Additionally, a Small Medal can be found on the main floor’s northwest corner, second from the west in a row of six pots.

When you’re ready to depart, head east from the castle, then turn north as you follow the mountains until you come to a cave in the centre of a forest.

When you enter, there will be 4 doors; go through the far east door and out the other door. Then, go through the second door from the west and out the opposite door. From there, go south to locate a set of stairs that lead down.

Push the boulder to the south north a distance so you can see it at the same time as you can see the door when you get at the location where a massive door is holding back some water. Open the door now so that the bolder is facing you directly to the south (move it east or west to make sure it is straight south of you). Open the door now so that the water can surge out and keep you from being washed away.

You can now proceed to the upper floor by just stepping on the west plate to create a passage.

On this floor, approach the broken pillar, press the switch with YES, stand on the tile that appears, and a passage will open leading to the Symbol of Royalty.

Kandar and Shield Hippo will attempt to prevent you from ascending to the throne by stealing the Symbol of Royalty as you leave this floor.

Once you have eliminated them, return to the castle and speak with the Chancellor. He appears surprised that you made it back safely. As soon as you speak to the king, they will begin making preparations for you to ascend to the throne. During this time, a woman descends from the second floor and brings you upstairs while announcing that Bianca is in labour. After speaking with everyone, return downstairs.

Talk to everyone present, including the security personnel at the entrance, and then wander the area until a woman from the second floor descends and you hear a baby screaming.

Since you had a boy and a girl, go up to Bianca and introduce yourself. She will ask you to give the kids names. You’ll get a night’s sleep after Bianca lets you know she’s exhausted. The ritual will begin when you descend the stairs in the morning.

You must first speak with the old king before ascending to the throne and greeting your subjects downstairs.

Go up to see your wife and children because you’ll read that everyone partied far into the night and you’ll wake up in the church. The maid will be hiding under the bed with the children if you search the bed, and she will claim that monsters abducted Bianca.

The guards will search the castle but no one has reported seeing the chancellor; nonetheless, Doris, the princess, claims to have seen the chancellor flying out of the building. So, dig through his room’s drawers to discover some flying shoes.

Utilize the shoes when you are ready to pursue Bianca. At the shrine you land close to when you arrive, you can save and rest.

When you are prepared, go to the Demon’s Tower in the north.

Demon’s Tower

It might be a difficult and prolonged climb up the tower. The way across to the other tower is now visible when you reach the location where a switch sits on the wall. To use it, take the transport tile to the south and activate the switch there. Then, return and activate the first switch.

As you climb the tower, you will encounter three monster battles, including an Orc Lv. 20, Wyvern Lv. 35 and Jahmi.

After you and Bianca are turned to stone by Jahmi’s spell after he is defeated, the thieves climb the tower to “take” you and Bianca. In addition, they have a “special” plan for Bianca. They auction you off to the highest bidder.

A man buys you and keeps you in his front yard as a good luck charm. After a few years pass, you may watch the family as their son Gigo grows up, but one day some monsters come hunting for a particular child and kidnap the boy.

Another year passes, the seasons change, and Sancho and his two kids finally arrive. They are your children, you learn.

Your daughter uses the Staff of Stoross to restore you to normal, and after casting the spell return, you are back in Granvania where you can rest for the evening while everyone celebrates.

Back again

The kids will follow you as you head downstairs to see Ojiron and inform you that since you went on a quest with your father when they were young, they get to go with you now.

You might ask Ojiron, who now resembles a Chancellor, where your mother was born on the global map that they discovered while looking for you.

If you speak to Sancho right away, he will inform you that a Monster Gramps is currently present at the bar and that they have a ship ready for you. He will also advise you that if you speak with the girl there, you can now take your human companions on the journey with you. On the west side of the main level of the castle, there is currently a depository as well.

Give your kid your Zenithian Sword now that you are certain he is descended from the legendary hero, and then proceed to Telepador to obtain the Zenithian Helm.

Go go to the queen in the gardens when you get to Telepador; she will take you back to the helm and let your son try it on. However, it initially appears to be overly large before shrinking to fit his head. The queen goes off after declaring that her subjects must be informed of these happenings. She will offer prayers for you if you go up to the throne room and speak with her.

Return to Reinhart now and check on the situation there eight years later.

Approach Henry and introduce yourself; he has a son named Collins who isn’t exactly manners-inclined. Collins is dispatched to show your children about the palace.

Head down to Henry’s old room after speaking with Henry and Maria to find your kids running toward you, telling you that Collins has vanished after asking them to earn the Goon Badge.

We are aware of the trick’s methodology, therefore look under the stool again for the hidden steps and use them to locate Collins.

When the chancellor arrives and takes him back upstairs, he will tell you that you are stupid for discovering him so quickly. Return to the top and speak with them; Collins will apologise and offer you the Wind Hat; the others will wish you luck.

You can find Kandar’s Henchman guarding a chest by making your way around the castle and heading west along the moat. defeat him and take the chest containing the Demon Armor (he might drop a Small Medal).

As soon as you mention Bianca to Duncan in the Nameless Mountain Village, he will continue talking about the kids and assure you that you will save her.

Another of Kandar’s henchmen may be found behind Duncan’s house. Defeat this one and open the chest to obtain a Silk Bisuche.

You can also go to Santa Rosa, which is still in a shambles but has a new armor shop with some rather potent items, if you’d like.

Return to Ruraphin and speak with the old magic researcher; he has found another spell; this one is called Chance.

Return to Salabona and speak to Ludman. He will ask you to visit a shrine on a small island west of the Mountain Village because there is a jar inside and he needs to know what colour it is. However, you do not yet have the right key, so keep this information in mind.

Now that you have the ship that has been prepared for you, you may go check out Gigo’s residence on an island in the southeast portion of the map and obtain the Small Medal that is in the dresser there.

Go south now to find the new location Ojiron pointed out on your map.

El Heven

Visit the temple on the northern peninsula when you first arrive on the new continent. An elderly man there will teach you about the Crown of the Sun, a helm that will shield you from spells. See whether there is a Small Medal in the water bucket behind the house.

Now circumnavigate the east side of the terrain, search for a cave, and enter it by boat. Make your way through the tunnel; if you reach a door, you cannot yet open it; instead, head south from that point to leave the cave.

You can now exit your ship, and El Heven is located southwest of you.

Talk to everyone when you enter the town. There are four elders on the higher level who tell you about your mother and the abilities she had to open and shut the portals to the Demon World.

An further man informs you that the north side of town’s elevated buildings is where you can discover both a Magic Key and a Magic Carpet, both of which you can retain if you can find them.

The armour and weapon shops also sell some high-quality but pricey items. Let’s use that Magic Key right away.

Using the Magic Key

Now that we have the Magic Key, let’s try opening those doors that we were previously unable to.

In order to earn 15 GP and a Stone Fang, you must first go back to Alcapa and unlock the door behind the bar.

Visit Port Selmi right away, and look through the door behind the stage; within are a Thorn Whip and an Acorn of Life.

Now examine Oracleberry and visit the dungeon in the town’s northwest corner. Speak with the prisoner inside the barred cell there. He will inform you that the finest paying machine is the second one on the right in the very last row.

The doors behind the Depository in Granvania are where you can find 3000G and a Meteorite Armband (2x agility for bearer).

Make sure you are sufficiently powered up for this phase or postpone it till later because it can be challenging. Keep in mind that Ludman asked us to check the Jar into the shrine north of Salabona.

So let’s get back to Salabona and head north to the shrine west of Mountain Village so we can start working on it. Return to Salabona after confirming that the jar is indeed red as feared; a guard there will inform you that Ludman is waiting for you in the Viewing Tower.

Head over to the tower and ascend it. Ludman will tell you the legend of the monster Buorn before leaving to prepare and asking you to keep an eye out for it.

The monster appears as he departs and declares that he will eliminate you. Plan accordingly because this struggle may be difficult.

After winning, you will notice a treasure chest nearby; open it to obtain the Final Key. When you return to Ludman, he will be overjoyed that the monster is no longer there.

The gated doors that we previously couldn’t open can now be examined.

Using the Final Key

Return to Oracleberry and descend once more into the dungeon. Free the man inside, and when you do, you will receive a Small Medal.

Now proceed to the castle of the Medal King, where you can unlock a hidden room to obtain 2 Small Medals and a Golden Tiara.

Sky Tower

Now, USE the Magic Carpet to travel to the heart of the continent; however, because it cannot fly over mountains, hills, or woods, you must fly up the river on the southwest side.

When you get there, travel to the Zenithian Castle, Sky Tower, and Path to Find God.

Once you reach the top of the tower, you can use the Magma Staff to unlock the gate leading to Zenithian Castle and the person there will inform you that the castle has fallen into the lake.

Sacred Item, Royal Cloak

RETURN to Santa Rosa, then take your ship to the cave there by sailing north (west of the mountains). Before you enter, make sure you have the Final Key with you.

Make sure you are upgraded before you enter because the enemies in this area are fairly tough.

The warning that warns you not to move the stone warns you that you will be attacked if you do, therefore placing the stone slabs over the faces of the monsters eliminates their presence.

The first three floors don’t require you to hide any faces, but in order to obtain the Royal Cloak on floor B4, you must do it on all four faces.

Sunken Castle

Once you arrive on shore in Granvania, proceed a little to the east and north until you see the cave, which is obstructed by three mountains. Use the Magma Staff while standing as near to the mountain range as you can.

You can now enter the cave as the mountain range collapses. Continue on with Pusan, who was formerly from Zenithian Castle, and you will eventually arrive at the Underwater Castle, which was once Zenithian Castle. Make your way through the subterranean mine routes.

You can enter the throne room by going through the large entrance at the top of the castle and climbing the stairs. About halfway up the room, Pusan will remember that there is a secret stairway. Find the stairs behind the throne, then descend them. When you descend, a silver orb will be seen if you face west; however, if you face east, the orb won’t be present.

In his meditations, Pusan will discover what happened to the missing orb; he will realize that you once owned it but that it was destroyed.

He will inform you that the orbs were created by the Faeries and that you might be able to order a new orb if you travel to a specific forest, meet the Faeries, and speak with the Faerie Queen.

Faerie Forest

Returning to Salabona and travelling south on the magic carpet to the southernmost point of the landmass is the simplest method to get there. When you find a section of the forest that stands out from the rest, fly around the point, turn back toward the north along the eastern shore, and then pass over the shallows. Continue north until you can turn around and head south across some additional shallows, down to the desert region, and then travel south to locate that peculiar patch of trees.

The road is confusing, but your daughter tells you to talk to the location next to the campfire because she believes there is someone there.

Faerie Village

You will be given the Faerie Horn and instructed to locate the Faerie Queen inside. You will be informed that you must sound the horn at the faerie palace, which is situated in the middle of a lake surrounded by a forest and mountains.

Faerie Queen

Go north to the lake, then return to the tower where you obtained the Staff of Magma. Embark aboard a boat and head north to a floating lily, where you can use the Faerie Horn.

You can sail inside the castle when it materialises. The queen will inform you if you speak to her that she can make orbs, but they won’t levitate, but she will still give you the orb. You might be able to change time, she suggests when you speak to her again.

The guard will now let you in if you proceed to the west where he is standing watch over the door. Talk to the faerie there by moving to the right (make sure your hero is holding the orb you got from the queen). She will tell you that the wall-mounted image will lead you to the place you desire to go the most.

You are transported to Santa Rosa, California, 18 years ago as you glance at the image. When you have explored the town and spoken to everyone, you should have noticed a youthful version of yourself in front of the church. Asking if you want to see the Golden Orb and answering “yes” will allow you to switch it out for the orb you are currently holding.

When you’re finished, leave the city and head back to the Faerie Village. After leaving the Faerie settlement, go back to Zenithia and speak with Pusan there. Upon receiving the Orb, he will set it on the pedestal and the castle will start to float once more, albeit not as high as Pusan believes it should. You might as well check out the palace with him before he leaves to explore it.

Talk to the man in the room with the two beds and the fireplace; he will tell you to speak with his grandfather in the room beyond the fireplace. The Grappling Hook is in the drawer, and the grandfather will instruct you to take it. Additionally, the Master Dragon hid his strength in the Tower of Boble on the northern island (which is actually the southwestern corner of the World Map).

You can find the Sap of the World Tree, which can heal your entire party, by speaking to the elf in the room west of the throne room. She will advise you to take the gift and examine one of the two water bodies.

Tower of Boble

Land the castle in the desert area and go to the tower by travelling southwest to the island that is totally encircled by mountains.

Since you can’t enter through the front door, climb the tower from the outside.

You must engage Gonz and Gema in two different battles once you reach the tower’s basement floor.

They each hold the statue’s eyes in place.

Return the eyeballs to the statue by bringing them back up, then walk to the floor above and lower the grappling hook onto the statue. To provide a doorway into the body, the tongue stretches.

Enter and descend; a Dragon Staff is down the twin ladders. The Dragon Orb will then be discovered if you use the grappling hook once again.

Return to the Zenithian Castle and speak with Pusan once more.

A few Zenithians will alert you when you ascend to the throne room that odd activity has been observed.

When you ask Pusan for the Dragon Orb, he will change into the Master Dragon and provide you the Heaven Bells, enabling you to call upon the Master Dragon and use him as a mode of transportation.

Great Temple

Visit the northernmost portion of the land mass in the centre of the map after calling the Master Dragon. You’ll be dropped off by Master Dragon after you fly over that castle.

Enter through the door on the right, where the guard is, and let him know you’ll be staying to collect the Zenithian Armor and taking care of him.

When you enter via the main door, the guards will direct you to prepare for the High Priest’s talk before blocking your exit. Everyone in the audience yells, “Hooray for Lady Martha,” at the same time. You’ll need to engage in combat with two Dragon Warriors after speaking to the guards once more.

Talk to the Priest who is presumably your mother by making your way around to the front of the structure. But it’s not—just keep quiet about joining them to avoid being cursed before the war.

Ramada must be defeated once you reach the conclusion of the dialogue maze.

When you defeat Ramada, look around his area to see a secret staircase.

To obtain the Ring of Life, defeat Ivol by making your way through the dungeon.

As you leave the dungeon and hunt for Bianca at the top of the temple, your mother will start speaking to you via the Ring of Life. Although she expresses her desire to see you in a certain way, she will not allow the Demon Lord to enter your realm. She continues by informing you that someone is waiting for you.

Bianca will have de-stoned by the time you return to the temple’s summit, and you will all find yourself back in Granvania.

Ojiron wants to talk to you, so see what he needs, the guard enters as you’re all celebrating your reunion. Despite wanting you to stay away from the Demon World, he now wants to accompany you there after speaking with Sancho.

Head to the Demon World

Pick up the people you want to bring with you to the Demon World by going to Rudia’s.

When you go back to El Heven, sail north to the silver door and then return inside the tunnel you entered to get there in the first place. To unlock the door, you will require the Final Key.

Go inside and set the Ring of Life, Ring of Fire, and Ring of Water on the statues in the North, West, and East, respectively.

Walk into the shallow water of the waterfall’s opening portal to enter the Demon World.

Your mother approaches you as you step off the platform, tells you she can’t tell you to go back, and hands you a Sage’s Stone.

Be ready when you arrive because the monsters on the overworld are very challenging. To reach the town of Jahanna, travel east.

You will eventually encounter another Kandar Henchman if you continue walking west around the town’s perimeter wall. Take out this opponent to obtain the Sands of Time, which allow you to start a battle over from scratch.

Evil Mountain

When you’re ready to continue, travel from Jahanna southward along the east coast, crossing the bridge, and climbing to the cave.

Pass through until you see Martha praying. A few Dark Shamans will need to be defeated, but by this stage they ought to be rather straightforward.

When Martha first sees you, she expresses her happiness and declares that she will do everything in her power to seal Mildrath away so that he cannot escape. However, her plan fails, and she is killed.

You then notice Papas calling Martha over to him. They send you best wishes for your journey.

Make sure to remove the Holy Chamberpot from the space where the arrows are located.

Use the Holy Chamberpot when you come to a small room with a lava pool in it.

When you reach the room with 8 tiny rooms and tiles in the middle of those 8 rooms, keep going.

Step on that tile in the southeast corner.

Next, step on that tile in the east middle.

then step on that tile in the northeast corner.

Step on that tile in the middle of the north.

Step on that tile in the middle of the room.

You can now open the door.

Just a bit farther and you will face Mildrath.

After you beat Mildrath you will be transported back to Zenithia. And the Master Dragon thanks you for your help.

Prolog Revisit

After your visit at Zenithia, Master Dragon takes you around to visit many of the places you visited on your travels.

And then you see Martha and Papas talking.

The Zenithian Castle rise and fly around the map as the credits roll.

Bonus Dungeon

Wait until you see the “The End” at the end of the credits.

Reset the game and RETURN to the Evil Mountain, then walk straight south to enter the Bonus Dungeon.

The monsters here are pretty tough and when you get to the bottom, you will battle Esturk, who is by far the most difficult battle of the game.

After you beat Esturk, he will tell you how many rounds it took to beat him, unfortunately there is no bonus for beating him in under a certain number of rounds.

You can come back and battle him again if you like or go knock out Mildrath again.

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