Dragon Quest 5 World Map

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As any other JRPG, Dragon Quest 5 (or Dragon Quest V) has a vast world game map full of interesting locations, difficult monsters, and interesting items. It’s interesting to note that Dragon Quest 5 World Map has a day to night cycle and is the first game of the series to feature such one on the Super Famicom.

A. Vista Harbor

B. Santa Rosa

C. Alcapa

D. Lenoire Castle

E. Tunnel to Reinhart

F. Reinhart Castle

G. Thieves’ Cave

H. Nunnery

I. Oracleberry

J. Teleporter to Reinhart

K. Southern Tower

L. Port Selmi

M. Kabochi

N. Western Cave

O. Ruraphin

P. Rumor Shrine

Q. Cave to Salabona

R. Salabona

S. Volcano

T. Mountain Village

U. Waterfall Cave

V. Shrine West of Mountain Village

W. Oasis

X. Telepador

Y. Medal King’s Palace

Z. Ned’s Inn

AA. Chizod Path

BB. Granvania

CC. Cave of Trials

DD. Northern Church

EE. Demon’s Tower

FF. Gigo’s House

GG. Farthest Shrine

HH. Water Shrine

II. El Heven

JJ. Sky Tower

KK. Emblem Cave

LL. Torokko

MM. Forest of Illusions

NN. Faerie Palace

OO. Tower of Boble

PP. Great Temple

dragon quest 5 world map

What is the Dragon Quest V World Map?

The Dragon Quest V World Map is a map featured in the game Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. It allows players to navigate and explore the game’s world, including towns, dungeons, and other locations.

How do I access the Dragon Quest V World Map?

The Dragon Quest V World Map can be accessed by pressing the “Start” button on the game controller. This will bring up the menu, where you can select the “World Map” option to access the map.

Can I fast travel on the Dragon Quest V World Map?

Yes, there are various fast travel options available on the Dragon Quest V World Map. You can use a Zoom spell, or a Zoom Whistle, or use the “Return” feature at a church or sanctuary to travel to previously visited locations quickly.

Are there any secrets or hidden locations on the Dragon Quest V World Map?

Yes, there are many secrets and hidden locations on the Dragon Quest V World Map. These include treasure chests, secret caves, and other locations that can only be accessed by solving puzzles or finding specific items.

Can I revisit areas on the Dragon Quest V World Map?

Yes, you can revisit areas on the Dragon Quest V World Map at any time. Some areas may change based on the progression of the story, and new locations may become available as you progress through the game.

Is the Dragon Quest V World Map different in the Nintendo DS version from the 16-bit version?

Yes, the Dragon Quest V World Map in the DS version includes an additional location which is not present in the original map version. Additionally, the DS version has improved graphics and an updated user interface that makes it easier to navigate the map.

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