How Long Is Star Ocean The Divine Force?

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Star Ocean The Divine Force

How Long is Star Ocean The Divine Force

Fans of the Star Ocean series finally have the opportunity to re-explore the galaxy with after six years have passed since the last instalment. The series has always been recognized for having a wide variety of post-game dungeons and side content, and the most recent instalment is no exception.

How long does it take to beat Star Ocean: The Divine Force?

Star Ocean The Divine Force

So, how long is Star Ocean The Divine Force? If players want to largely follow the primary plot in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, it should take them about 40 hours to complete the game. Along the way, a tonne of sidequests appear, you can completely explore each setting to uncover things and DUMA points, and there are Private Actions to find in towns. Depending on how much side material you want to do, your playtime can easily extend to 50–60 hours.

The dual protagonist system in the game must also be kept in mind, as your choice of protagonist affects which parts of the narrative you view. The group splits up on several occasions, and who you choose to follow depends on whether you started off with Raymond or Laeticia. You should think about doing a second playing with the other character if you want to experience everything the game has to offer.

Similar to this, it will take you a lot longer if you try to level up all the way to 255.

How to access post-game dungeons in Star Ocean: The Divine Force?

Star Ocean The Divine Force

After finishing Star Ocean: The Divine Force’s plot, you can reload your save to continue playing and take on the game’s two difficult post-game dungeons. The intimidating secret overlords, Gabriel Celeste and the Ethereal Queen, are well known to Star Ocean fans.

You must first travel to the Semiomancy Consortium and then the Royal Capital Ascendros City in order to complete the first dungeon, The Gauntlet. You’ll see a side mission symbol on the second floor; speak with Melthia to begin it. You will need five Spirit Ethers for this task, but finding them can be challenging. You probably already have one or two in your inventory.

There are now two ways to obtain Spirit Ethers, albeit one is frequently simpler than the other. The Lava Golem miniboss, which may be found in the northeastern portion of the map, is best located at Nihlbeth. The secret lies in the fact that you must break the Golem’s arm in order for the Spirit Ether to fall. To do this, simply target the arm and use your VA rush to repeatedly attack it until it breaks.

Star Ocean The Divine Force

The miniboss will respawn if you save your game after defeating the Lava Golem and load it again if you require numerous Spirit Ethers. If you’re having problems, you can also compound Spirit Ethers by combining Aquaberrie and Game Meat in Compounding. However, because the possibility is so slim, make sure Nina or Malkya are both level 10 before attempting to create it. The Hayagriva foe, which can be located just outside of Eda Village, drops game meat.

Take the goods to the tenth floor of the Nihlbeth Ancient Coil dungeon once you have five Spirit Ethers. Once you get there, a new door in the upper left corner of the area will unlock, allowing you to face The Gauntlet.

Star Ocean The Divine Force

The only prerequisite for the second dungeon is completing the first one, The Gauntlet, and defeating the boss there three times (we won’t reveal why three times for plot reasons). Once you’ve completed that, quickly travel to the planet Paladurnia and enter the third floor of Provenience Cavern, the space where you defeated Boldohr. This area has a huge glyph on the wall.

Star Ocean The Divine Force

You’ll then see a new blue portal there that’ll bring you to the second and ultimate dungeon, Ultima Thule.

Does Star Ocean: The Divine Force have New Game Plus?

Star Ocean The Divine Force

Despite the fact that you can reload your save and continue playing, The Divine Force does not presently include any sort of New Game Plus.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, however, does not presently feature a New Game Plus mechanism. It won’t matter if you defeat the final boss or not; starting a new game will only reset everything. Tri-Ace may receive a post-launch update that includes New Game Plus, although Tri-Ace and Square Enix has not yet made any announcements regarding this.

What’s the story of Star Ocean The Divine Force?

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is the sixth entry of the Star Ocean franchise, following up Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. The playable characters are Captain Raymond Lawrence who is on a transport mission that gets attacked by an unprovoked Pangalactic Federation and Princess Laeticia. You will meet a big cast of characters with great character models.

Forced to make a crash landing on an underdeveloped planet, Raymond is forced to utilize the assistance of locals unfamiliar to the advances of intergalactic civilization, such as Princess Laeticia Aucerius.

Raymond, in search of other survivors from his shipwreck, joins forces and skills with the princess and some new allies to embark on a mission where the universe’s future hangs in the balance. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an action RPG-style game which focuses heavily on frenetic combat. Players can swap between characters throughout their adventure – upgrading stats and learning new abilities – across the largest world ever seen in a Star Ocean title.

What’s the gameplay of Star Ocean: The Divine Force?

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an action-adventure game. The game allows you to choose between two protagonists: Raymond “Ray” Lawrence, and Laeticia Story. Combat is at the core of the gameplay and you can put attacks into chain combos to defeat enemies. You can also use special abilities and items to gain an advantage in battle.

How Does Star Ocean: The Divine Force compare to previous games?

Star Ocean: The Divine Force has managed to nearly perfect the battle system, making it much more flexible and smooth compared to past games. It has top notch visuals and a much more balanced combat system that allows you to link attacks into chain combos, use special abilities and items, as well as call on the A.I. companion D.U.M.A. for assistance. Additionally, the game also offers an intriguing sci-fi/fantasy hybrid storyline with two protagonists, each with their own exclusive content.

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