How to Access Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2?

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How to Access Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Survival games as cartoony and kids-friendly as they are always more fun with friends, aren’t they? Dragon Quest Builders 2 is no exception and ca prove to be quite the enjoyable co-op experience when shared with friends.

However, did you know that Dragon Quest Builders 2 had an online co-op or multiplayer mode? If you didn’t, it’s understandable because co-op in Dragon Quest Builders 2 isn’t explicitly taught. It isn’t as easy as just beginning a new game and adding a human player character, though.

This is why we made this guide. This guide will cover everything that you need to learn how to access co-op in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

How to Access Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2

How To Unlock Multiplayer in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

To be candid, the great challenge of DQB2’s Multiplayer is unlocking it. It is a bulky JRPG; even the tutorial itself requires several hours to fully complete on average. Unhappily, gaining access to the Multiplayer takes an even longer period of time. Fundamentally, there are four areas players must finish before they can open the Teleportal (which grants access to Multiplayer).

They are:

  1. Finish the Tutorial introducing the “Heroes” of DQB2.
  2. Clear the Isle of Awakening Starting Island.
  3. Go to Furrowfield and progress the story until it sends the player back to the Isle of Awakening.
  4. With the newly recruited NPCs and shiny new Tools, complete the Four Tablet Tasks back on the Isle of Awakening.

Even though the four steps might appear basic, each of them takes a minimum of three to four hours, with Furrowfield Island taking more than ten hours if done quickly.

How to Access Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2

How Does Co-Op Work in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Dragon Quest Builders 2’s online multiplayer feature is completely different from the rest of the game. Many players felt like they had been tricked because all the online content is limited to just the Isle of Awakening and Explorer Shores Islands, which don’t contribute to the game’s storyline.

With the Teleportal, players can navigate to other players’ Isla of Awakening or invite/open up their own Isle to visitors. As the host completes more of the story in Dragon Quest Builders 2, they unlock further areas on their Isle of Awakening that give access to different Explorer Shores with various NPCs and Resources.

What Are The Explorer Shores in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Before unlocking Multiplayer, every singleplayer will have visited Soggy Skerry, one of the Islands in the “Explorer Shores” area, as obtaining the Chicken for Lulu is necessary to activate the Teleporter.

Once a player gets to one of these Islands, they are handed two brief lists of “resources” to locate somewhere on the Island. When all of them are discovered, the host can then access an unlimited resource collection that is randomly selected from two choices.

As players progress in Multiplayer mode, they will complete Islands, unlocking more resources and earning an endless supply.

You will gain access to new Explorer Shores as you advance through the main storyline in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and all of them will be accessible after the completion of the story.

Solo progression of DQB2’s content is only found on Main Story Islands, leaving Multiplayer progress to the hosting player who must play significantly more than their fellow gamers.

How to Access Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2

Is It Worth It & Frequently Asked Questions on How to Access Co-Op in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Let’s just say it right now: Dragon Quest Builder 2 co-op is a lovely little extra to an already fun addition to the sub-genre of obscure Dragon Quest games, but it’s probably not worth buying the game just for it. Simply said, it feels very “tacked-on” in comparison to the calibre of the Main Story, which is the source of this.

The only situation where it would really make sense for a group of friends to all get DQB2 is if that group of friends:

  • Picks one of them to host and spend their own time advancing the Main Story.
  • Loves building in Minecraft-type games and/or customizing a home/town in Animal Crossing-type games.
  • Doesn’t care that the actual Story of DQB2 is locked to single player.

Otherwise, buying this game just for the multiplayer is not advised. Thankfully, it is still included with Xbox Game Pass, making the financial barrier much simpler to overcome. In a nutshell, buy the game if the single-player content appeals to you before deciding whether or not the multiplayer will be pleasant as well.

As the multiplayer component of this game has not been explained in great detail, there have been numerous inquiries from players, so here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does everyone need to get past Furrowfield to play Multiplayer?

Regrettably, if you and someone else both want to play, each will need their own version of the game up through this stage.

Will the Isle of Awakening Multiplayer Host need to keep their game running for players to keep building on it while the Host is AFK?

Affirmative, they will. Players connect directly with their friend when playing, so if the host turns off the base game, anyone visiting the Island will be disconnected.

How “big” is the Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2 Island?

The Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2 island is as big as the Isle of Awakening, which is incredibly huge once all of it is made accessible through story progression. The Island is big enough for a group of players to each apprentice builder and full-fledged builder alike to build their own individual cities if they wanted.

Can players bring anything to their friend’s island in Dragon Quest Builders 2 Co-Op?

Nope, no bringing resources from a player’s Story to their friend’s Island.

Is there a lot of “progression” in Dragon Quest Builders 2 Multiplayer?

In Explorer Shores, players can use checklists and tools to unlock new creative possibilities while building their Islands. Any sense of progress come from the individual players setting their own goals.

Is there split screen in Dragon Quest Builders 2 Co-Op mode?

No, separate copies of the video game are required to play together and it can’t be played on the same TV/system. It isn’t a couch co-op style of game at all.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 from Square Enix is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

How to Access Co-Op Dragon Quest Builders 2
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