How to Farm Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16?

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Unlock the true power of your character in Final Fantasy 16! Leveling up is just the beginning, as ability points, or AP, hold the key to unlocking and enhancing your character’s skills and abilities. Discover how to farm ability points in Final Fantasy 16.

No matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, get ready to level up your character and farm AP like a pro with these epic methods!

Join us on a thrilling journey as we uncover the ultimate strategies for conquering your first playthrough and New Game+, guaranteeing maximum AP gains!

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How to Farm Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16 in the First Playthrough?

How to farm ability points in Final Fantasy 16

Discover the ultimate strategies that will level up your gameplay, whether you’re a seasoned pro or embarking on your first playthrough! Unleash the power of these techniques that work wonders, even from the very beginning.

By mastering these strategies, you’ll be racking up AP like a boss, ensuring your character is an unstoppable force ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

Defeat Bluebirds

One of the early game AP farming methods involves locating Bluebirds in Royal Meadows. These enemies are commonly found near Wild Chocobos.

Defeating a Bluebird without any AP-boosting accessories will grant you 40 AP. This strategy can be useful in the early stages to gather AP for important abilities.

Farm Hyenas near Ravenwit Walls

Venture deeper into the game and brace yourself for an intense encounter with a formidable pack of Hyenas, lurking near the legendary Ravenwit Walls. Defeating these cunning creatures promises a bountiful harvest of AP, propelling you towards victory!

By triumphing over these ferocious five Hyenas, you will be rewarded with a whopping 400 AP! And that’s not even with any fancy accessories to boost your AP!

Maximize your farming efficiency by utilizing fast travel to the nearest obelisk for Hyena respawn, allowing you to effortlessly gather enough abilities to fulfill all your desires.

How to farm ability points in Final Fantasy 16 New Game+?

How to farm ability points in Final Fantasy 16

Step into the world of New Game+ and unlock the ultimate power with “The Wages of Warcraft II” accessory! Journey to The Hideaway and visit Charon’s shop to acquire this game-changing item. Don’t miss out on this epic opportunity!

Unlock the ultimate power of “The Wages of Warcraft II” by collecting two of these incredible accessories and combining them at the Blacksmith. Unleash the full potential of your gaming experience!

Gear up with this must-have accessory for a whopping 40% boost in Ability Points! Say goodbye to grinding and hello to epic AP farming like never before!

Discover the secret strategies that will bring you success in Final Fantasy Mode, as you unleash your inner warrior and master the art of farming hyenas near Ravenwit Walls.

Embark on a thrilling journey to the majestic “Ravenwit Walls” obelisk and navigate your way through the enchanting realm of “Kritten Hollow” to discover its hidden treasures in the mystical east corner.

Unleash the power of Zanetsuken, an upgraded ability found in Odin’s skill tree, and watch as the Hyenas are vanquished in an instant!

By equipping the powerful +40% AP accessory, every victory becomes a treasure trove of ability points, catapulting your farming speed to unimaginable heights!

Final Thoughts

Unleash the true power of your character in Final Fantasy 16 by mastering the elusive art of AP farming!

Embark on your first playthrough and conquer the skies by defeating Bluebirds and mastering the art of farming Hyenas near the enchanting Ravenwit Walls. Unleash your strategic prowess and accumulate AP at various stages of the game.

Experience the challenging Final Fantasy Mode in New Game +, where you can unlock the powerful “The Wages of Warcraft II” accessory and efficiently farm Hyenas in Kritten Hollow to greatly increase your Ability Points.

By combining these powerful strategies with lightning-fast leveling techniques and gil farming, you will unlock the unstoppable force of Clive, ready to conquer any obstacle that stands in your way in the epic realm of Final Fantasy 16.

Learn more about how to farm ability points in Final Fantasy 16

Welcome to this FAQ guide focused on farming Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16. Mastering abilities is essential to improve combat skills, enhance damage output, and unlock complex ability combinations. This guide will help players maximize their farming efficiency and strategy.

What are Ability Points and why are they important?

Ability Points (AP) are essential for unlocking and upgrading abilities in the skill trees of your characters. They help in enhancing attack power, shield skills like Shield Rush and Shield Barrage, elemental attacks, and more. Efficient ability loadout enhances your combat capabilities.

How can I farm Ability Points through normal combat encounters?

Engaging in normal combat encounters with enemies during your story progression is one of the basic farming methods. Defeating enemies earns you Ability Points. Focus on executing attack combos for bonus abilities. Engaging in battles frequently is key. Use the beast whistle to summon a bunch of beasts; whistle 2-4 level 2 beasts for a balance between difficulty of combat and farming speed.

Are there specific farming locations or quests to earn Ability Points?

Yes, besides normal encounters, completing Normal Quests and Common quests also yield Ability Points. One notable location is “Bluebird Location 3,” where you can farm the Bluebird shield by defeating the Bluebird in battle. The shield increases ability points gained by a certain %. 

Can Ability Points be earned through the main story?

Yes, progressing through the entire story will naturally earn you Ability Points. However, focusing on a farming strategy in parallel will allow you to master abilities faster and more efficiently. Don’t rely solely on story progress.

Are there items or accessories that can help in the farming process?

Absolutely, equipping Farming Accessories like the Berserker Ring enhances the farming potential by increasing the AP earned from battle to battle. Combat assist accessories also make a difference in combat, allowing you to deal more damage and earn more AP.

What is the correlation between experience points and ability points?

Experience Points (XP) primarily impact the strength attribute and level of your characters, while Ability Points are used for ability upgrades. While not directly correlated, having a higher level can make the grinding process for AP easier as you will have more brute strength against weaker enemies.

Can the chocobo be used in the farming process?

Yes, wild chocobos can sometimes interrupt battles. Although this might seem annoying, defeating chocobos in combat encounters can also yield Ability Points. Moreover, chocobos can be used to quickly traverse to different farming locations.


Farming Ability Points is a vital process in Final Fantasy 16 for all players, especially early-game players. By employing a strategic approach to combat encounters, equipping the right accessories,and engaging in quests, players can maximize their ability points gain. This will, in turn, allow for more versatility and strength in battles as you progress through the captivating story. Always be on the lookout for new farming locations and efficient ability combinations. Utilize the beast whistle wisely and don’t shy away from engaging in combat with chocobos that cross your path. Keep in mind that farming is an iterative process, and patience coupled with strategy will yield the best results. Happy farming journey!

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