How to get all Chrono Cross Characters: The Radical Dreamers Edition?

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What is Chrono Cross?

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition from Square Enix is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. As a reminder, this is a remaster of the eponymous game released on PlayStation in 1999 in Japan and 2000 in North America.

Europe had been, once again, put on the back burner regarding the release of this RPG. So this is the first time that the continent can try this epic, this masterpiece (especially thanks to the writing of Masato Kato) in HD version with new 3D models (although it is massacred as the framerate is so bad especially during the fights, fortunately, Yasunori Mitsuda’s score, in good sound quality, are there). Even the PSN version was not available in Europe.

Among the new features we find the choice between vintage and high definition graphics (with improved character illustrations), the possibility to speed up the game, combat functions (remember that random combat is not part of the game of Square Enix unlike role playing games like Final Fantasy which offers random encounters): invincibility in the form of enemy blows that never touch you, always active elements (the most useful combat function),… These quality-of-life features are more than useful.

Anyway, Square Enix’s adventure and its parallel worlds don’t come alone since they are accompanied by Radical Dreamers, a text adventure and a narrative adventure that acts as a bridge to connect Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. The subject that interests us now is the playable characters of Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross Characters – More than 40 characters to recruit!

With 45 characters (both in the remaster and in the original PlayStation game), the playable characters of Chrono Cross are numerous even if these 40 characters doesn’t reach the 108 of the Suikoden series. But it’s still crazy to offer so much content. But first of all, you should know that it is impossible to get all the characters in one game.

Indeed, your choices will determine if a character will join your team and if you will have to give up another one. That’s why you’ll have to take advantage of the New Game+.

So here’s how to get all characters in Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross Characters

Serge how to get all chrono cross characters

    • Innate Element: white
    • Profile: He is the hero of Chrono Cross. His journey begins when he finds himself immersed in a world almost identical to his own but in which he does not exist, having died as a child. He then discovers that his very existence is linked to the future of the planet.
    • How to get him: It is the main character

Poshul how to get all chrono cross characters

    • Innate Element: yellow
    • Profile: A kind of big pink dog, Poshul lives in the village of Arni where she spends her days frolicking in the garden of the house of the village chief, Radius.
    • How to get her: To recruit her, you need to give her the Heckran Bone that you’ll find under a bed in the room above the restaurant in Arni village in Home World. The other method is to simply talk to her in Arni’s village in Another World after defeating Karsh, Solt and Pepper, provided you haven’t let Kid join your team before.

Kid how to get all chrono cross characters

    • Innate Element : red
    • Profile : A respected and even feared member of the notorious Radical Dreamers thieving gang, Kid is a young woman with a burning desire for revenge on Lynx…
    • How to get her: Simply accept her offer after defeating Karsh, Solt and Pepper. You can also refuse three times, which will allow you to recruit more characters, and she will join you anyway in Termina (Another World).

Mojo how to get all chrono cross characters

    • Innate Element : black
    • Profile : A giant, living voodoo doll who wishes to leave the village of Arni after years of being worshipped. After being locked in a basement where he is worshipped and respected as a kind of god, he finds the perfect opportunity to leave Arni and explore El Nido.
    • How to get him: Collect the shark tooth from the fisherman in his basement in Arni Village (Home World). Later, in Arni Village (Another World), put Leena or Kid on your team and show the Shark Tooth to the “other” fisherman. Mojo will join you as you leave the village.

Leena how to get all chrono cross characters

    • Innate Element : blue
    • Profile : A childhood friend of Serge, Leena is a sweet young woman always ready to help her fellow man. She’s very outspoken except when it comes to romance and Serge is involved.
    • How to get her: After defeating Karsh, Solt and Pepper at Cape Howl (Another World), she will join your team the next day, if you have turned down Kid’s offer three times.

Skelly how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : black
    • Profile : Former circus clown, Skelly died and his bones are scattered all over El Nido.
    • How to get him : In the level Fossil Valley (Another World), you have to climb to the right on the second screen. The soldiers will then ask you if you are the exorcists who have come to investigate the shrill noise that frightens them. Approach the dinosaur head at the top right of the screen and Skelly’s head will pop out. Accept his proposal and find his bones so he can join your team.

Draggy how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : red
    • Profile : Hatched from an egg in Fort Dragonia, Draggy wants to know what happened to his family, so he goes with Serge and his troop to find out.
    • How to get him: Take the egg guarded by the dodo in the Fossil Valley (Another World) level and drop it in the incubator when you visit Fort Dragonia.

Guile how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : black
    • Profile : Guile is a mysterious masked magician that Serge and his friends meet in a bar in Termina (Another World). He is one of the three characters able to guide the team to Viper Manor.
    • How to get him: Talk to the man who cleans the Viper statue in Termina (Another World). Then go to the bar and approach Guile to join you and take you to Viper Manor. If you recruit Guile, you will not be able to recruit Nikki or Pierre.

Nikki how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : blue
    • Profile : Singer and guitarist of a local music band, the Magical Dreamers. He is the son of Captain Fargo of the S.S. Invincible or Zelbess depending on the world. He is also Marcy’s older brother although she has forgotten him.
    • How to get him: In Termina (Another World) talk to Nikki’s manager as well as Miki, the dancer who will tell you that Nikki has gone to Viper Manor via the Shadow Forest (Another World). Go there and save him from the monsters that are surrounding him. Follow him to the cave under the waterfall, talk to him and he will join you. If you recruit Nikki, you will not be able to recruit Guile or Pierre.

Pierre how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : blue
    • Profile : A self-proclaimed hero, Pierre is rarely taken seriously. He longs to be recognized as such. He is one of the characters who can lead Serge and his troop to Viper Manor.
    • How to get him: You’ll find Peter in the house adjacent to Zappa’s forge by going right at the first crossroads in Termina (Another World) and then up at the next screen. You’ll need the Hero’s Medal, which you’ll get by approaching the little boy running around outside after talking to the man cleaning the Viper statue at the top of the first screen in town. If you recruit Peter, you will not be able to recruit Guile or Nikki.

Pip how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : white
    • Profile : An experiment created by Luccia, Pip is locked in a cage in Viper Manor (Another World). Through observation, the creature has developed a desire for freedom and travel to find out what lies beyond his cage.
    • How to get him: While visiting Viper Manor (Another World), and when you arrive in Luccia’s lab, Pip is in the top left of the screen. Talk to him and unlock his cage. If you don’t recruit him at that time, you can find him later in the hold of the S.S. Invincible (Another World).

Korcha how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : blue
    • Profile : A fisherman and smuggler from the village of Guldove (Another World), Korcha is a dynamic young boy who is very attached to the beliefs he learned from his mother Macha.
    • How to get him : Korcha joins your team temporarily when Kid is poisoned but will join your team permanently in Termina (Another World) when Kid is out of trouble.

Razzly how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element: green
    • Profile : Razzly is a fairy that Serge and his friends find when she is captured by a monster at the Hydra Marshes (Home World). She doesn’t want to join the team so much as return to her village.
    • How to get her: Free her after defeating the monster that was holding her prisoner. However, if you chose not to rescue Kid, you will not be able to recruit Razzly.

Mel how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element : yellow
    • Profile : Daughter of Macha and little sister of Korcha, Mel is very mischievous and doesn’t hesitate to play tricks. She is also known to throw tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.
    • How to get her: Once you’ve rescued Kid, choose to retrieve the Elements that Mel stole from you. Once you corner her in her room, she’ll give you your items back. Go out and talk to her again so she can join your team.

Macha how to get all characters in chrono cross

    • Innate Element: red
    • Profile : A loving and devoted mother to Korcha and Mel, Macha can be very strict when the situation calls for it. She knows it’s for the good of her children.
    • How to get her: Choose not to save Kid. Find Korcha in the residential area. After the scene with her mother, she will take you back to Termina (Another World) by boat. Talk to Glenn at the entrance of the city then go back to the docks and talk to Macha. She will then join your team.

Glenn show 16

    • Innate Element: green
    • Profile : Glenn is one of the Acacia Dragoons and Dario’s brother. He is the heir of the sacred sword Einlanzer.
    • How to get him: Choose not to save Kid in Guldove (Another World). Then go back to Termina (Another World) and watch the conversation between Glenn and a woman at the entrance of the city. Then go back to the docs to take the boat and Glenn will ask you if he can go with you.

Doc show 17

    • Innate Element : red
    • Profile : Doc is the doctor of Guldove village (Another World) who dedicates himself to practicing medicine to save people. He eventually joins Serge in order to gain more knowledge and translate all his learnings into healing services in the future.
    • How to get him: Choose not to save Kid in Guldove (Another World). Doc will join the team anytime after Kid’s recovery by talking to him in his office in Guldove (Another World).

Luccia show 18


    • Innate Element: black
    • Profile : Luccia is an eccentric scientist from the Acacia Dragoons. She is a genius who lives in the name of science. Later in the story, it is revealed that she has ties to a certain character from Chrono Trigger…
    • How to get her: Return to Viper Manor after defeating Lynx. You’ll find Luccia on the balcony to the right of the room where you confronted General Viper and Lynx. Then follow her to her laboratory where she will join your team.

NeoFio show 19

    • Innate Element : green
    • Profile : A living plant created by Luccia, NeoFio seeks to understand how her consciousness works.
    • How to get it : Find the Life Sparkle at the Hydra Marshes (Another World). Return to Viper Manor (Another World), go to the balcony and use the Life Sparkle on the plant in the water.

Greco show 20

    • Innate Element : red
    • Profile : A former wrestler with a troubled past who became a priest, Greco has completely changed his life and is now devoted to spirituality.
    • How to get it: After defeating Lynx at Viper Manor (Another World), go back to Termina (Another World) and go to the very last screen by going right to the first screen and then down the stairs to the right to the next one. Watch the scene and go to Greco in his house. Talk to him and he will join you.

Lynx show 21

    • Innate Element : Black
    • Profile : Very little is known about Lynx except that he is a ruthless half-human who will do anything to achieve his goal.
    • How to get him: He is unlocked after the events of Fort Dragonia (Another World).

Harle show 22

    • Innate Element : Black
    • Profile : Harle is a mysterious entity that seems to know a lot more than it says. She is able to appear and disappear at will. She also seems to want to help Serge despite her support of the treacherous Lynx.
    • How to get her: She joins your team automatically in the Dimensional Vortex.

Sprigg show 23

    • Innate Element: green
    • Profile : Sprigg is a strange creature who is able to change into different monsters with his Doppelgang ability.
    • How to get him: In the Dimensional Vortex, shake the tree branch to drop an orange fruit. Then hurry back to Sprigg’s house to get the fruit before she gets inside and closes the door, or you’ll have to do it all over again. Use the slow-motion feature of the remaster if you have trouble. She will join your team after the conversation.

Radius show 24

    • Innate Element: green
    • Profile : A former member of the Acacia Dragoon, Radius became the leader of the village of Arni (Home World) after an incident that claimed the life of one of his friends.
    • How to get him: Once Lynx is on the team, go talk to Serge’s mother in Arni Village (Home World). Confront Radius who comes to interfere and he will join your team afterwards.

Zappa show 25

    • Innate Element: red
    • Profile : A blacksmith from Termina, Zappa is one of the best in his profession. But a mysterious material drives him to leave his forge and his wife, Zippa, to find out more. The couple is also related to Karsh, the Acacia Dragoon.
    • How to get him: This is the Zappa from Termina (Home World) that will join you once Radius is on the team.

Van show 26

    • Innate Element : green
    • Profile : Young prodigy painter but penniless, Van wishes to help his father Gogh to pay back his debts and to pay the rent of his house. At the same time, he dreams of traveling for inspiration.
    • How to get him: Go to the house east of Zappa and Zippa’s forge in Termina (Home World). Go talk to Van in the next room. Look at the scene and answer that you are serious about the Frozen Flame.

Funguy show 27

    • Innate Element : yellow
    • Profile : Funguy is a man who accidentally turned into a mushroom man in the Shadow Forest. He hopes to find a cure to return to human form.
    • How to get him: Talk to the man in the cave behind the waterfall in the Shadow Forest (Home World). He asks you for a mushroom. To find it, go to the underground passage in Viper Manor where a man will give you the mushroom. Go back to the man in the forest and give him what he wants.

Norris show 28

    • Innate Element : yellow
    • Profile : Norris is a military commander in the Porre Army and the leader of the Black Wind, an investigative unit of the Porre Army.
    • How to get him : He joins you when you visit the ruins of Viper Manor (Home World) if Radius is on your team.

Starky show 29

    • Innate Element : white
    • Profile : Starky is a small alien stranded on the planet after his flying saucer crashed. He joins the team with the firm intention of returning home.
    • How to get him : Go to the El Nido Triangle (Home World) in the south of the map and find the Star Fragment. Then go to Sky Dragon Island and investigate the paranormal phenomenon that is occurring.

Janice show 30

    • Innate Element : Black
    • Profile : This half-human has chosen to make the S.S. Zelbess her stronghold and train monsters there in an effort to find a worthy opponent.
    • How to get her: To get it, you just need to beat her three times in the battle using monsters on the S.S. Zelbess (Home World).

Irenes show 31

    • Innate Element : blue
    • Profile : Irenes is a mermaid from Marbule, the half-human village of El Nido. She is the sister of Zelbess who married Captain Fargo but unfortunately died in an accident.
    • How to get her: Go to Marbule (Home World) and talk to Toma. Spend the night in the first house and during the night go out to have a conversation with her. On the S.S. Zelbess (Home World), after defeating the Sage, go to Nikki’s boat and go to her lodge. Irenes will ask you to join the team after the conversation.

Sneff show 32

    • Innate Element: yellow
    • Profile : A magician who can perform tricks and turn people into cats, he performs his tricks aboard the S.S. Zelbess (Home World) and loses his winnings in the rigged game in the casino.
    • How to get him: Talk to him in his dressing room after defeating the Sage on board S.S. Zelbess (Home World).

Turnip show 33

    • Innate Element : green
    • Profile : A strange creature that looks like a vegetable, Turnip questions his own existence and hopes to discover his origins.
    • How to get it: Once you have obtained the Ice Breath from the water dragon in Home World or the Ice Gun in Lucca’s house, go to Hermit’s Hideaway (Another World). Use either of the items and extinguish the embers. Then go to the other version of Hermit’s Hideaway (Home World) and notice the small plant. Use Poshul to remove it from the ground.

Karsh show 34

    • Innate Element : green
    • Profile : Karsh is one of the 4 Devas of the Acacia Dragoons. He is also the son of blacksmith Zappa and his wife Zippa, who runs the store in Termina. He is an elite soldier who primarily obeys the orders he is given.
    • How to get him: After the events of the Dead Sea, go to the room at the back of the bar in Termina (Another World). Choose Karsh to save Riddel from Porre’s army. If you choose Zoah, Karsh will join you later on board the S.S. Invincible (Another World) after rescuing Riddel.

Zoah show 35

    • Innate Element: yellow
    • Profile : Zoah is one of the 4 Devas of the Acacia Dragoons. But apart from that, we don’t know much about this character except that he’s a great fighter. We also never saw his face under his helmet…
    • How to get him: After the events of the Dead Sea, go to the room at the back of the bar in Termina (Another World). Choose Zoah to save Riddel from Porre’s army. If you choose Karsh, Zoah will join you later on board the S.S. Invincible (Another World) after rescuing Riddel.

Orcha show 36

    • Innate Element: red
    • Profile : Orcha is a talented cook who works at Viper Manor. He is saved by Serge and his friends while he was possessed by a demon.
    • How to get him: He will join you after trying to eliminate the team while he was possessed by a demon at the Viper Manor (Another World) during Riddel’s rescue operation.

Grobyc show 37

    • Innate Element: Black
    • Profile : An elite assassin in Porre’s army, Grobyc fears and respects only those who can defeat him.
    • How to get him: Defeat Grobyc during Riddel’s rescue operation at Viper Manor (Another World). He will help you and join you when you escape the manor.

Riddel show 38

    • Innate Element : White
    • Profile : The daughter of General Viper, Riddel is a sweet young woman who spent her childhood playing at Viper Manor with Karsh, Dario and Glenn.
    • How to get her: Save Riddel from Porre’s army at Viper Manor (Another World) and then return to the S.S. Invincible.

Marcy show 39

    • Innate Element: blue
    • Profile : Marcy is the youngest of the 4 Devas of the Acacia Dragoons. This 9 year old is often rightly seen as a spoiled brat. She is also Nikki’s sister and the daughter of Fargo and Zelbess.
    • How to get her: Marcy automatically joins the team after Riddel is rescued from Porre’s army.

Fargo show 40

    • Innate Element: blue
    • Profile : Fargo is the captain of the S.S. Invincible (Another World) or the S.S. Zelbess (Home World). He respects those who can beat him in battle.
    • How to get him : Fargo joins the team after saving it in Hermit’s Hideaway (Another World) in the second half of the game.

Viper show 41

    • Innate Element: Yellow
    • Profile : The feared leader of El Nido, Viper is also the former leader of the Acacia Dragoons.
    • How to get him: Return to the S.S. Invincible (Another World) after saving Riddel from the clutches of Porre’s army at Viper Manor (Another World).

Orlha show 42

    • Innate Element : blue
    • Profile : Orlha is Guldove’s bartender and will prove to anyone that she can defend herself.
    • How to get her: With Lynx on the team, fight her in Guldove (Another World) and she will give you the Sapphire Brooch after she loses. Once Serge is back, go back to her bar and show her the Sapphire Brooch.

Miki show 43

    • Innate Element : red
    • Profile : Head dancer of the Magical Dreamers, Miki is passionate about what she can do and has a heart for protecting everyone who shares the stage with her, especially Nikki.
    • How to get her: After the conclusion of the special concert and clearing Marbule of all its monsters, return aboard the S.S. Zelbess (Home World) and talk to Miki in the restaurant.

Leah show 44

    • Innate Element : Yellow
    • Profile : Leah is a young girl from prehistoric times who has been trapped in Gaea’s Navel for as long as she can remember. She joins Serge and his friends in hopes of discovering her origins.
    • How to get her: Leah automatically approaches the team at Gaea’s Navel (Home World).

Steena show 45

    • Innate Element : white
    • Profile : Steena is a Shrine Maiden and a prophetess who immediately recognizes Serge from her visions. In the hope of seeing the prophecy come true, she accompanies Serge and his friends to help them face many difficulties.
    • How to get her: After defeating the 6 Dragon Gods, you will find Steena in the tent of the Shrine Maiden in Guldove (Home World).

Learn more about Chrono Cross Characters

In the vibrant world of Chrono Cross, a vast cast of characters forms the backbone of the game’s narrative. These Chrono Cross characters, each with their own unique abilities and backgrounds, are what bring the game to life. One of the most significant places the party visits is Viper Manor, a massive estate that becomes a key location in the game. The manor hides many secrets and mysteries, including the Viper Manor Ruins, where the player must overcome numerous challenges.

Serge, the main playable Chrono Cross character, starts his journey on Opassa Beach. He is a young man with the innate element of white, which gives him a distinct advantage in battles against enemies with a black element. Serge’s journey begins when he is mysteriously transported to another world where he is dead and then known as “Dark Serge”. His quest is to discover why this happened and how to return to his original form.

The party that accompanies Serge, all of the Chrono Cross Characters is made up of Recruitable Characters, each with their own unique abilities and innate elements. These characters can be recruited at various points in the game, often after completing specific tasks or quests. The list of characters includes the noble Viper, an Acacia Dragoon with a yellow element, and the mysterious black mage with an innate element of darkness.

The party’s journey takes them to many different locations, including Fossil Valley, Hydra Marshes, and Terra Tower. In Hydra Marsh, the party must hunt hydras to obtain their valuable Hydra Humour. Along the way, they encounter a wide variety of boss battles, each more challenging than the last. These boss fights offer boss stars which can be used to increase the party’s level and improve their attack power.

One of the unique mechanics of Chrono Cross is the Element Grid. Each character has a unique grid that determines their ability to use elements, the game’s form of magic. The grid has various slots where elements can be equipped. Higher level slots, such as Level 7, allow for more powerful elements to be equipped. There are many types of elements, such as the powerful Yellow element or the Razor Wind element.

The party’s boat plays a crucial role in the game, serving as their main mode of transportation. From the boat docks, the party can set off on a boat ride to various locations, such as the haunting Dead Sea or the mysterious Shadow Forest. Along the journey, the party can also visit various places like the inn or the berry tree to rest and replenish their supplies.

Chrono Cross features a number of unique and interesting characters (the Chrono Cross Characters), such as the CYBORG ASSASSIN, the Magical Dreamers, and the Shaker Brothers. One of the more intriguing characters is Pip, who can be unlocked by following specific steps and using specific elements. Pip’s evolution depends on the elements used in battles, allowing it to evolve into different forms, such as the Angel Form.

The rich world of Chrono Cross, with its engaging story and deep character development of Chrono Cross Characters, is a worthy successor to the classic game Chrono Trigger. The game’s mechanics, such as the element grid and the recruitable characters, add depth to the gameplay, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

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