Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus – What Carries Over?

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What carries over in a Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus? Let’s find out together how powerful you can be in Atlus unexpected sequel.

Soul Hackers 2 is a role-playing video game that has captured the attention of many gamers worldwide. Developed by Atlus and published by SEGA, the game has a New Game Plus (NG+) option that allows players to carry over some progress from their previous playthrough. This feature has become increasingly popular among gamers as it allows them to experience the game in a new light and offers an opportunity to unlock additional content.

In this article, we will explore what carries over in Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus and why it is an excellent option for completionists and those who aim to achieve all the game’s achievements.

The NG+ option in Soul Hackers 2 offers players several bonuses that make a repeat playthrough of the game relatively painless. In this mode, players can retain their Soul Level and Matrix, which gives them an advantage in combat. Additionally, players can carry over their equipment, items, and money, which allows them to start the game with a significant advantage compared to the first playthrough.

Furthermore, players can unlock new content that was not available in the first playthrough, such as new skills, equipment, and storylines. The New Game Plus option in Soul Hackers 2 offers a unique and exciting experience for players who want to delve deeper into the game and unlock additional content.

Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus Bonuses

New Game Plus in Soul Hackers 2 offers several improvements and advantages that make a repeat playthrough relatively painless. While Soul Levels do not carry over, players can still benefit from the increased rate of Soul Level growth, making it possible to finish the Soul Matrix on their second playthrough.

Moreover, the game incorporates new Personal Events and requests that were not available in the first playthrough, providing additional content and a fresh experience.

One of the significant advantages of Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus is that players can carry over some data from their previous playthrough. The selections already chosen in past playthroughs will be marked, and some data will be automatically carried over, whereas other data can be selectively chosen to be carried over. This feature allows players to retain their progress and equipment, making it easier to progress through the game.

Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus provides several benefits that make it worth playing through the game once again, especially for completionists aiming to get all achievements and quests.

Soul Level and Matrix

The progression of a player’s character and achievements can be further enhanced through the retention of certain data in subsequent playthroughs of Soul Hackers 2.

One such element that can be carried over to a new game plus is the Soul Level and Matrix. The Soul Level determines a character’s overall strength, with higher levels indicating better stats and abilities. Meanwhile, the Soul Matrix measures a character’s progress in their personal character arc, with each floor representing a new milestone in their development.

Retaining a character’s Soul Level and Matrix from a previous playthrough can give players a significant advantage in subsequent runs of the game. This is because Soul Level gain is boosted in NG+, making it possible to finish the Soul Matrix on the second time around.

For completionists, this is especially important as it allows them to achieve all possible endings and unlock all achievements. With the importance of progression at the core of the game, carrying over these elements can make each subsequent playthrough feel like a fresh experience while still providing a sense of continuity and accomplishment.

Recommendations for Completionists

Completionists may benefit from a second playthrough of Soul Hackers 2, as it allows for the achievement of all possible endings and unlocking of all achievements.

Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus offers several advantages to players who choose to embark on a second playthrough. One of the main benefits is the ability to carry over certain data from the previous playthrough, such as equipment and demons, making it easier to progress through the game. Additionally, as Soul Levels grow at an increased rate with each New Game Plus, it becomes possible to finish the Soul Matrix and unlock the best ending on the second playthrough.

In order to fully complete the game, players must complete all available side quests and reach each character’s fifth Soul Matrix floor. These requirements can be time-consuming, and may require a significant amount of grinding and exploration. However, with the advantages offered by NG+, players can approach these tasks with greater ease and efficiency, allowing them to fully experience all that Soul Hackers 2 has to offer.

Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of New Game Plus playthroughs that can be done in Soul Hackers 2?

There is no limit to the number of New Game Plus playthroughs that can be done in Soul Hackers 2. Multiple NG+ runs can provide benefits such as increased Soul Level growth and new Personal Events and requests.

Can all items and equipment obtained in the first playthrough be carried over to the second playthrough?

Carrying over items from the first playthrough to the second in Soul Hackers 2 has pros and cons. To optimize item carryover, players should selectively choose which data to carry over and prioritize essential items.

Are there any changes to the story or dialogue in New Game Plus?

There are no changes to the story or dialogue in Soul Hackers 2’s New Game Plus. However, the player’s previous choices are marked, and additional personal events and new requests are incorporated, impacting player choices.

What happens to the player’s character stats and abilities in New Game Plus?

Stat changes and ability upgrades are carried over into New Game Plus in many games. However, it is unclear whether this is the case for Soul Hackers 2, as the available information only mentions the carryover of certain data and bonuses, but not specific character stats and abilities.

Can the difficulty level be adjusted in New Game Plus mode?

Adjusting difficulty in New Game Plus mode has an impact on gameplay. However, it is not specified whether Soul Hackers 2 offers this option, as the focus of the game is on carrying over data and increasing Soul Levels.

What ChatGPT-4 says about Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus

Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus: A Deeper Dive into the Demonic Realms

Soul Hackers 2, a part of the Shin Megami Tensei series, developed by Atlus and published by Kadokawa Game Linkage, has garnered a massive following among the gaming community. The New Game Plus mode of Soul Hackers 2, an upgraded mode unlocked after the completion of the original game, brings an abundance of elements that the players can delve into during their 2nd playthrough. From demon fusions to personal events, let’s delve into what this mode offers.

Demon Possibilities

One of the prominent features is the increased options for demon fusion. By using COMP upgrades, players can unlock fusions which were not available in the single playthrough. The upgraded COMP SMITH allows for more powerful demon combinations. This is crucial as demons are not only the player’s allies but can be used in battles. The Demon Recon feature lets you perform a demon analysis, helping to strategize and gain loyalty from demons. Alongside demons, human allies also play a vital role, with enhanced character levels and skills.

Items and Equipment

In New Game Plus, players have access to itemsUnlocked equipment from previous playthroughs, including infiltration items. This mode retains the current level of items, and all non-critical items and initial equipment which can be vital in navigating through alternate routes. Not to forget, the stats of the playable character can also be boosted with club cocktail stat increases.

Request and Events

Additional requests and events are also a part of New Game Plus. Players can partake in hangout events, which can lead to personal events with characters. Fulfilling certain conditions unlocks bonus requests which were not present in the normal difficulty options. This not only adds depth to the gameplay but also affects the route the story can take, including the Phantom Society and iron mask events.

Realms and Character Progression

The Mansei Realm and Roppo Realm are two mystical realms players can explore. With a series of options in these realms, players can further develop their demon and human allies. Soul level, a unique stat, also plays an essential role. Level gain is significantly amplified, allowing for a higher level of Mastery progression than the previous level.

Integration with Persona

In an exciting twist, Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus integrates elements from Persona, another celebrated game in the Shin Megami Megami Tensei series. Elements such as major arcana Personas, The Persona Compendium, and Skill Cards duplicated by Yusuke and given to players to fill skill slots are present. Notably, protagonist Ultimate and third-tier Personas from Persona 4 Golden can also be accessed through Persona CompendiumMoneyCertain ItemsEQUIPPED.

Forms and Challenges

Newborn Mode and Normal Mode are the two reincarnation options available for players. The Emblem Form, original form, and Human Form passive skill can be used by the player. The Demi-fiend fight is a notable feature where the player has to fight in the Human Form. In addition, Compendium Completionist challenges enable players to collect and complete various compendiums, including demon and character compendiums.

Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus is not just a higher difficulty level but an extensive world with multiple options, levels, and challenges. From demon fusions to level restrictions to character routes, it offers an enriched experience that is bound to keep players immersed in the realms of Shin Megami Tensei for hours on end.

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