Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters – Your Guide To The Best Party In Star Ocean 6

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Square Enix is a powerhouse when it comes to JRPGs and has a deep understanding of the genre; for more than three decades, the business has produced incredible games like Final Fantasy, Nier: Automata, and Kingdom Hearts, all of which have grown into huge franchises. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is the latest instalment of one of Square Enix’s best-selling series. The Star Ocean The Divine Force characters are among the best.

Since the first game in the series was launched in 1996, five further significant games have been released, and the ninth chapter of Star Ocean has been made available on both current-generation and next-generation systems.

Raymond Lawrence, one of the major characters, finds himself stuck on the fourth planet in the Aster system while aboard his merchant ship hauling goods after being attacked by a battleship in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, which takes place between Star Ocean Amnesia and Till the end of eternity.

A perilous trip for the two of them begins when Raymond, after a close encounter, meets princess Laeticia Aucerius and is asked to help defend her realm. The main two playable characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force are the princess and Raymond, and players’ decisions will have an impact on how the plot develops.

Players will run upon powerful, one-of-a-kind allies along the route who will join the party as the game progresses. Listed below is a ranking of each playable character in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #10 Midas

In Star Ocean: The Divine Force, Midas, an engineer and one of Aucerius’ most well-known scientists, uses magic. Midas, who was previously a revered citizen of Aucerious but was exiled and disappeared from the public eye before resurfacing next to Princess Laeticia, has a very repulsive temperament and can be extremely toxic when interacting with others. Midas is a skilled semiomancer who can unleash deadly area attacks on the battlefield; nevertheless, Midas’s playability is hindered by the duration of his fight animations.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #9 Albaird

One of the main characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force is Albaird, who is princess Laeticia’s obedient servant. Albaird is a self-assured young man with a kuudere personality type who places Laeticia’s safety above all else. Albaird uses a chakram and strong magical talents to thrive at close-quarters combat.

Albaird has misgivings about Raymond at first, but the game’s plot gradually dispels her misgivings. Growing up as childhood friends, Laeticia and Albaird have a long history of friendship. Albaird has never left Laeticia’s side and has taken an oath as a knight to stay by her side until the end of time.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #8 Theo

Theo is a DLC character that was just made available in an update for. Theo is a member of the Aucerious royal family and the leader of the knights who guard the country. He has known Albaird for a very long time, and he is also loyal to Laeticia, who is Theo’s cousin. Ocean of Stars: The Divine Power

Theo is an optional character that players can gain through Laeticia’s plot, but only when utilising Raymond. Theo is a swift combatant that employs a halberd in mid-ranged assaults that cause significant damage and have the ability to launch enemies into the air.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #7 JJ

In the most recent update, JJ joined Theo as the second new character. A robotic samurai warrior, JJ is only accessible as an optional ally through Raymond’s quest line. JJ values honour above all else and is a nice, composed, and courteous person.

The first time Raymond and the others see JJ is while he is defending his home from an attack. JJ utilises a katana in two different ways, both of which are in the Japanese style. The first is a defensive posture from which JJ can launch a tremendous counterattack; the second is a series of strong, arcing strikes that charge and deal significant damage to opponents.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #6 Malkya

One of the first characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that players can access is Malkya, a female Trathen. Malkya, the Nilhbeth Trathen’s leader, is well-liked and emanates a royal demeanour with royal love among her followers.

Having known Laeticia and Albaird since they were little, Malkya also has a long history with them. She also has a close friendship with Midas, whom she initially met before first showing up in the story. Malkya excels as a frontline fighter thanks to her use of forceful strikes and wide-arcing claw attacks.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #5 Nina

The lone doctor is Nina, a peasant from Delryk Village who is intelligent, a little too trusting, and full of optimism. Nina is a skilled iatrimancer who is also regarded as a healer and an early playable character in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

She accompanies Raymond and Laeticia on their mission to aid the kingdom in the hopes of finding a treatment for the horrible cancer that killed her father because she is a valuable resource in Aucerious. Nina has long-range healing powers that can simultaneously heal a number of teammates and a single target.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #4 Elena

Elena serves as both the first mate of Raymond’s ship and his most dependable advisor. Elena is an android who was created by Arnold Robotics and hails from the planet Verguld. As an android, Elena has improved strength, speed, and agility.

Elena is the brains behind the scheme, even though Raymond is the ship’s captain of the merchant ship Ydas. With her Jack of All Trades playstyle, in which she employs a variety of various weapon types in the game, Elena’s cool and collected demeanour fits in nicely.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #3 Raymond

One of the key characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force and the captain of the merchant ship Ydas is Raymond Lawrence. He meets Laeticia after becoming separated from his crew during an attack on his ship and decides to assist her in her quest to save her kingdom.

Despite being a powerful warrior, Raymond has a big heart and is continuously sensitive to the suffering of others. He continually does whatever he can to aid those in need, which typically entails charging in without stopping. The large greatsword Raymond wields allows him to significantly hurt his adversaries.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #2 Laeticia

The next heir apparent to the Aucerious throne and a direct descendant of the monarchy is Laeticia. She is adored by all the inhabitants and subjects of Aucerious and presents herself as a sympathetic and considerate person.

Laeticia, on the other hand, is a strong fighter with above-average speed and sword abilities, and she is more than capable of defending herself. Laeticia set out to get assistance when a bordering threat put her nation in danger, which is how she met Raymond.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters #1 Marielle

She was present when the Astoria shot down the Ydas and, as a result of a series of events, ended up on the planet Aster IV. Marielle is a Lieutenant on the Astoria battleship and a first officer working under Bennet Maudsley. Marielle is a wise and admirable lady who prioritises her responsibilities over her aspirations and wishes.

Being from the legendary line of the Kenny family, she received training in close quarters and ranged fighting from her grandfather and grandmother. Marielle is a very adaptable character and a favourite of JRPG fans because she can use weapons and hand-to-hand fighting throughout the game.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox series S/X, and PC

What is Star Ocean The Divine Force Best Party?

The best party composition in Star Ocean: The Divine Force is subjective, however, a popular choice for a party composition is Raymond as the protagonist, Marielle as the healer, Elena for ranged combat, and Albaird for close-range combat. This party composition gives you the versatility of an all-around party with access to a variety of skills and abilities.

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