Star Ocean The Divine Force Side Quests

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Star Ocean The Divine Force Side Quests

Star Ocean: The Divine Force features a wide variety of side quests that players can take on to gain rewards and experience. These side quests range from fetch quests to puzzles, and reward the player with items, experience points, and other rewards.

These side quests are scattered across the game world, and can be found in a variety of locations from Larcette Village to the Imperial Capital. Completing these side quests can help players progress in the main story, as well as earn rewards that can be used to increase the character stats and upgrade their equipment.

Are Star Ocean: The Divine Force Side Quests hard to miss?

In Star Ocean: The Divine Force, it is easy to identify sidequests. Whenever you’re given the chance to explore freely, open your map and look for the yellow dots. You can start the quest by talking to the NPC at each location.

Where can I see the list of side quests in Star Ocean: The Divine Force?

To view the list of quests you’ve accepted, go to the map menu and press the button for the Quest List. This page will show current quests that you have accepted as well as ones you’ve already completed.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Side Quests

How do side quests work in Star Ocean: The Divine Force?

As with any JRPG, Star Ocean: The Divine Force provides a range of side quests. The requests of the quest giver are commonly to find certain monster parts or items. Additionally, there are monster elimination missions to clear out a pack of creatures. Occasionally, side quests even involve recruiting additional characters for your team thus making Star Ocean Divine Force more interesting for future endeavors.

Additionally, some side quests will only become available once you meet certain requirements in the main story or complete other side quests. Additionally, Welch Vineyard and others will give you multiple quests with most of them being errand-running tasks.

To gain quick cash and EXP boosts to quickly level up your character and party members, completing quests in Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an ideal solution. This guide contains all side quests available in the game and their associated rewards.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Side Quests

Star Ocean The Divine Force Side Quest Guide

Quest NameQuest LocationHow to UnlockReward(s)
Find My KittyLarcette VillageTalk to Cat-Loving Girl (Only available at night)Lost Chacham (Kitty) x1 Cryptographic Message A-1 x1 640 Fol
Native Pest of the ForestLarcette VillageTalk to the Undaunted Man standing outside the inn2400 Fol
The Corporal’s FarewellBaldaar CitadelTalk to the Soldier Who SurvivedLost Letter from Sartus’ Wife x1 13000 Fol
Why Is It Only Me?Delryk VillageEat a meal at the village inn to attract enemies, and then talk to the Undaunted ExplorerNone
Delryk OddballDelryk VillageComplete the Seeking a boat to Cotto main quest and talk to the Man in the Alley (located west of the inn)Lost Tattered Robe +1 x 5 5280 Fol
Pesky ThievesDelryk VillageTalk to the Man Who Has Had EnoughIron x10 2080 Fol
Welch the CompounderDelryk VillageReturn the Vineyard’s ring located in the Seaport of Rythal and talk to Welch Vineyard in Delryk VillageWelch’s Communicator x1 Unlocks Item Creation feature: Compounding 8 Fol
Welch The CrafterDelryk VillageComplete the Welch the Compounder quest and talk to Welch Vineyard80 Fol
Welch The SmithyDelryk VillageComplete the Welch the Crafter quest and talk to Welch Vineyard800 Fol
Welch the EngineerDelryk VillageComplete the Welch the Smithy quest and talk to Welch Vineyard3200 Fol
Welch the AlchemistDelryk VillageComplete the Welch the Engineer quest and talk to Welch VineyardUnlocks Alchemy Feature 4800 Fol
Welch the AuthorDelryk VillageComplete the Welch the Alchemist quest and talk to Welch Vineyard6400 Fol
Welch the SynthesizerDelryk VillageComplete the Welch the Author quest and talk to Welch Vineyard8000 Fol
Such Soft and Fluffy BedsSeaport of RythalTalk to the Innkeeper Looking to Upgrade2560 Fol
Es’owa InitiationSeaport of RythalTalk to the Shady MerchantDorne pawn x1 640 Fol
Smuggler’s SurveillanceSeaport of RythalTalk to the Sharp-Eyed Sailor?
When I Sleep and When I WakeCottonrinth RegionTalk to the Boy Having NightmaresMorale Potion x 4 10400 Fol
Brooch HuntRoyal Capital Acendros Palace GardensTalk to the Woman standing next to the grave in the Palace GardensCryptographic Message D 9440 Fol
A Healing HerbSeaport of RythalTalk to the Sickly Woman8480 Fol
A Long-Awaited MessageThe Aucerian HighroadComplete the A Healing Herb side quest and talk to the Manipulative Man8480 Fol
The Man with No PlanSeaport of CottoTalk to the Even Still Undaunted ExplorerCryptographic Message B 4160 Fol
A Memorable HatSeaport of CottoTalk to the Old Woman Preparing for a Trip8000 Fol
A Prized PendantSeaport of CottoTalk to the Married Woman11520 Fol
Creepy Crawly CrittersRoyal Capital Acendros CityTalk to the Slightly Stinky ManCryptographic Message A-3 5120 Fol
A Daughter’s GiftRoyal Capital Acendros CityTalk to the Skilled Dollmaker’s Daughter8480 Fol
A Parent’s Love Is Never FarBaldaar CitadelComplete a A Daughter’s Gift and talk to the Shy Father9440 Fol
Luggage LarcenyLarcasse RegionProgress the story enough to find Elena’s escape pod and then talk to the Old Woman in need of helpSecret Preparation Recipe X1 1440 Fol
Meet some MeatVillage of EdaTalk to the Romantically Assertive WomanUnlocks Exquisite Herb Steak at the Inn 2080 Fol
A Ticket’s DestinationSeaport of RythalTalk to the Undaunted Explorer6240 Fol
Chapter One in Becoming NovelistVillage of EdaTalk to the Aspiring Writer8480 Fol
A Glimpse of TalentRoyal Capital Acendros CityComplete Chapter One in Becoming Novelist side quest and talk to the Magnificent WriterWordsmith Pen 4000 Fol
A Trekker’s CharmVillage of EdaHelp the Still Undaunted Explorer in Larcette Village and meet him in Eda Village8000 Fol
Mama’s FavoriteRoyal Capital Acendros CityComplete the A Healing Herb and A Long-Awaited Message side quests and talk to the Manipulative ManCryptographic Message C 4800 Fol
Junk CollectorDelryk VillageTalk to the WeirdoSmithy Hammer x1 Lost Holey Armor +2 x5 2400 Fol
The Immortal KnightSeaport of CottoTalk to the Corporal Swallowing His PrideAucerian Medal X1 6080 Fol
Defense Systems DownParrapoeiamTalk to the Security Guard in Need of a Fix?
Endless CuriosityParrapoeiamTalk to the Researcher Striving for Peace35200 Fol
Unknown OrganismsParrapoeiamTalk to the Researcher Striving for Peace32000 Fol
One More PleaseParrapoeiamTalk to the Man Curious about Umaibo?
The Snack You CraveParrapoeiamTalk to the Man Curious about Umaibo?
Material DeficitParrapoeiamTalk to J.J.48000 Fol
J.J. on a missionParrapoeiamComplete the Material Deficit side quest and talk to J.J.32000 Fol
Parrapoeiam on the ReboundParrapoeiamComplete the J.J. on a mission side quest and talk to J.J.16000 Fol J.J. joins your party as a permanent member
Great Goops of GooGalca ShrineTalk to the Discerning Woman?
I Want to Be DislikedBaldaar CitadelTalk to the Concerned WomanPheromone Enhancer x1
The Perfect DetoxBaldaar CitadelTalk to the Passionate Man?
This Man Needs LoveBaldaar CitadelTalk to the Passionate Man?
Puffy’s DebutImperial CapitalTalk to PuffyFarleen
An Unfair ApologyImperial CapitalComplete Puffy’s Debut and talk to Puffy?
Reckless Santa, Full of RageThe Ultima ThuleTalk to Santa?
That Peculiar Merchant’s DemandThe GauntletTalk to Santa?
That Unyielding DoorSemiomancy ConsortiumTalk to MelthiaSpirit orb
The Adventures of a Carefree CatImperial CapitalTalk to the Cat-Loving BoyCryptographic Message A-2
The Corporal’s FarewellBaldaar CitadelTalk to the Soldier Who Survived13000 Fol
The Mechanic’s SagaMerchant Vessel, the AldousTalk to the Curious Mechanic?
The UndeliveredMerchant Vessel, the AldousTalk to the Considerate Crewmate?
The Soldier’s WifeLarcette VillageTalk to the Lonely Woman14000 Fol
The Trigger of WarCastle AuceriusTalk to Bertrand?
The Actual OwnerSeaport of RythalTalk to Vahnel?
Cat RecallImperial CapitalTalk to the Elderly Man with a Cat?
Rout the RestMuseumTalk to the Meticulous Patrolman?
What Could Be Inside?MuseumComplete the Rout the Rest side quest and talk to the Meticulous Patrolman?
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