Sword of the Vagrant Tips – 6 Tips to get started

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Sword of the Vagrant was first released for PC in 2018, so it isn’t a new game. However, it had its console debut across all major platforms in 2022. Although it resembles a game from Vanillaware, this title actually hails from O.T.K Games, a small studio located in Beijing.

It’s clear from their artwork, which draws heavily from Vanillaware titles like Dragon’s Crown and Odin Spirit, that O.T.K Games has been inspired by the studio. This was also acknowledged in an interview with the team published on Deepmotion in 2018. Now that we have some background information, let’s move on to our Sword of the Vagrant Tips.

Sword of the Vagrant Tips #1 Things to be aware of right away in Sword of the Vagrant

Prior to beginning Sword of the Vagrant, players should be alerted to some items in addition to specific choices. The title has four levels of complexity: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Lunatic. Even though it says Normal, this is really the easiest level of the title. It can still be quite trying thus cannot readily be matched up with an Easy mode seen in other action JRPGs.

Before starting, players should be aware that the game is somewhat tedious even by RPG standards. Another choice that players have is how Vivian appears in the game. Her standard attire may not be suitable for everyone because it is somewhat exposing. That seems to be the reason a feature was included to hide her. Last but not least, the first boss that the players will encounter is a fake out. They are players who will lose, so don’t waste your resources on them.

Sword of the Vagrant Tips #2 What to Buy

In Sword of the Vagrant, there are two different kinds of money, and both are priceless resources. Let’s start by discussing gold. Players will start in a hub village where they may purchase items such as food, potions, clothing, and other necessities. Avoid purchasing anything until it is absolutely necessary. Things are expensive, particularly equipment, and frequently these products also need supplies. Instead, players should be able to locate adequate gear in dungeons, and the same is true for supplies like potions.

Cooking, an uncomplicated affair and not a mini-game as in some other cooking games, is what gamers should put their cash into. If she buys a dish from a store, Vivian will certainly learn that formula permanently. To be prepared for head honcho battles, possessing a large variety of formulas could be wise. While certain confrontations might need extra strength, certain bosses may call for quickness. The game gives a caution before one enters a boss’s den. In such cases, going back to the campfire, having dinner, and then confronting that head honcho would be prudent.

Sword of the Vagrant Tips #3 Take Note Of Duplicates

In several RPGs, retrieving analogous sets of arms or armaments will issue the same stats. Pillage in Sword of the Vagrant ordinarily is accompanied by an added reward. For instance, the early-on outfit, Leather Armor, can grant a boon to HP in one stash while escalating essential hit power in another. Do not aimlessly vend analogous hauls of accoutrements with the supposition that there are no variations.

Gamers can also enhance their equipment by adding extra traits and capacities. A participant may have a set of leather armours with bonuses that increase critical assault prowess and wellness. Stats may be advanced as well. It could be sensible to defer boosting anything since doing so too much expends funds and other money. For example, augmenting a distinctive item of gear might be a viable strategy.

Sword of the Vagrant Tips #4 The Skill Tree

In Sword of the Vagrant, Vivian won’t gain levels in the typical role-playing game fashion. Instead of rising from level 1 to level 2, you’ll find gem-like Mana drops which are a separate type of currency. Mana can be used to improve weapons, as well as permanently give Vivian skills and stat bonuses. The second type of currency in Sword of the Vagrant will be found in gem-like Mana drops.

Examine all the branching paths prior to buying, and recall that some competences require equipment to go up a level. For example, Holy Water is essential for the preliminary HP boost. There are various advantageous updates on the healing route, one of which recovers gamers when they discover money. Vivian will be able to do a double hop because of another advantageous early ability that is directly south of the beginning point. The double hop quality is practical in platformers, but also works well in action RPGs.

Sword of the Vagrant Tips #5 Smash Everything

The majority of dropped things, including gold and potions, come from enemies. However, there are a tonne of other objects, such as pots and crates, that can be destroyed in the surroundings. There are also less obvious items to shatter, such rock mounds or beehives tucked away in trees.

The objects in Sword of the Vagrant have the advantage of revival, which is favourable. If an object gifts gamers with rare elements, it may be a wise choice to make a note of its spot on the map. An ever-recurring mound, for example, could generate ore used in fabrication. It’s easy for gamers to remember positions if they takedown recollections by hand, which is proposed since the world is a single massive and intertwined labyrinth like a Metroidvania.

Sword of the Vagrant Tips #6 Dodge Attack Direction

In Sword of the Vagrant, strong protection turns out to be the greatest attack. As a female action hero, Vivian may act a bit dawdlingly, yet she can flurry away. Unless they are using a shield, she can do a whirl roll through most adversaries. The capacity for a double hop is helpful in this circumstance.

Players can try to jump over enemies when they can’t be avoided, rolling through them from behind before counterattacking. Even formidable foes with shields can be taken down given enough successful hits – however, to get an edge in battle, it’s imperative to understand bosses’ attack patterns and strategize accordingly before taking action.

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