Where To Find Crisis Core Sephiroth Fan Club And All Fan Clubs in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion?

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Crisis Core Sephiroth Fan Club and where to find it and the other fan clubs

The much-loved PSP precursor to 1997’s Final Fantasy VII has been remastered as Crisis Core—Final Fantasy 7—Reunion. You take in the role of SOLDIER First Class member Zack Fair. You will come across people who support particular First-Class SOLDIERS as you progress through the game. You can join these organisations, known as Fan Clubs in Crisis Core, at any time.

Fan Clubs are necessary to achieve 100% completion in Crisis Core since they are needed to obtain the Fan Club Aficionado trophy. These fan clubs are made up of people that support Zack, Genesis, or even Sephiroth as their favourite SOLDIER. Here is where to find Crisis Core Sephiroth Fan Club and all other fan clubs.

Where to find Crisis Core Fan Club: Angeal – Keepers of Honor?

Where to find the Angeal Fan Club in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion.

The first fan club you will be allowed to access and connect with is Angeal’s. You will get the chance to investigate Midgar in Sector 8 in Chapter 2.

You must decide to explore Midgar and move in the direction of the bridge that the train crosses in order to locate this fan club. You can join the Keepers of Honor by speaking with the short-haired brunette woman in the group of three. You’ll get a confirmation email from the fan club after you agree to join it.

Where to find Genesis – Red Leather & Study Group?

Location of the Red Leather fan club in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core.

Given that the character was based on GACKT, it is not unexpected that Genesis has two fan clubs in Crisis Core. The Red Leather fan club is the first one for Genesis that you will be able to join.

You must speak with the same group of females you previously interacted with in order to join the Keepers of Honor, Angeal’s fan club. Your goal here is to get in touch with the woman with the blonde hair so that you can get an invitation to Red Leather.

Where the Study Group is in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core.

The Study Group is Genesis’ second fan group, and it focuses on understanding and dissecting LOVELESS. You may find this fan club on Loveless Avenue, where the identical NPC can be found. This is immediately next to the LOVELESS theatre, whose name is written in large, strong characters and is unmistakable. You can join the Study Group fan club by asking the woman to join you in conversation.

Where to find Crisis Core Sephiroth fan club – Silver Elite (Crisis Core Fan Club Guide)?

Sephiroth Fan Club.jpg

The Silver Elite is Sephiroth’s fan group in Crisis Core Reunion. Sephiroth’s fan club can only be joined once, and it takes place in Chapter 6.

You should go to the Sector 5 Slums, specifically to the playground, if you want to join the Silver Elite. A woman is present, standing behind the slide. She will admit that she belongs to the Sephiroth Fan Club if you speak with her. Use the responses listed below to ensure you pass her quiz on Sephiroth questions and become a member. Keep in mind that joining this fan club is your only option in the game.

  • The name of Sephiroth’s unusually long katana is: Masamune
  • What is Sephiroth’s most destructive attack? Supernova
  • Which is Sephiroth’s dominant hand? His left hand

You will be given the opportunity to join the Silver Elite, a Sephiroth fan club, by responding to the questions above with the appropriate answers!

Zack – Zack Fan Club

Zack Fan Club.jpg

Possibly the most difficult fan club to join is Zack’s. Before requesting to join, you must start a conversation; otherwise, you will be prevented from doing so.

You must take the elevator all the way to the top of Junon in Chapter 7, immediately following the minigame on Junon. Zack and Cissnei will appear in this cutscene. If you miss this talk, you won’t be able to become a member of Zack’s fan club.

Speak with the consultant at the Shinra desk in the foyer after completing the task, who is seated to the left. When she invites Zack to join the fan club, she will admit that she is a part of it.

Glossary About Crisis Core Sephiroth Fan Club

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