Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster finally lands on Nintendo Switch and PS4!

Finally some good news on the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster console front! After months of speculations and rumors, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster console versions or Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy VI will launch in Spring 2023 for consoles and namely for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Yes, once more, Square Enix is skipping Xbox… at least for now. There’s still a possibility that the PS4 and Switch exclusivity is temporary and that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will eventually reach the platform as well as the Xbox Game Pass in the future.

How much do the Final Fantasy Pixel cost?

Square Enix also revealed that the six games that make Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be available digitally either individually (at an undisclosed price as of yet) or as a bundle (no price for this one either). As a reference, the complete collection cost US$74.99 on Steam and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). So you can expect Square Enix to not change the price.

Moreover, both a physical limited Standard Edition (US$74.99) as well as a limited 35th Anniversary Edition (US$259.99) will also be available via the official Square Enix Store for Nintendo Switch and PS4. Here is what it will look like. Content is listed below.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster 35th Anniversary Edition

For those hoping Square Enix might adjust the widely criticized font for the console releases, based on images on the Square Enix store page, they look to be unchanged from the previously released PC/mobile versions. However, less than a day after the reveal, Square Enix actually took down all the screenshots from the official websites. So there’s still hope for that as well.

On December 18, to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Final Fantasy, we are pleased to announce that the popular Final Fantasy pixel remaster series is coming to PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), and Nintendo Switch!

That’s right the reworked version of Final Fantasy I through VI will become available for digital purchase on various platforms in Spring 2023. Those games can either be bought separately or together as a package. A limited physical edition will also be available on the same day.

The Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster FF35th Anniversary Edition is a true celebration of the series and original games, featuring some pretty awesome extras, including:

  • Final Fantasy I-VI Collection – physical collection of all games for either PS4 or Nintendo Switch-
  • Anniversary Edition Goods Box.
  • A bonus lenticular sleeve for the game package.
  • 2-disc vinyl record set featuring newly arranged game music with exclusive cover artwork by Square Enix’s Kazuko Shibuya
  • Beautiful character pixel art showcased in an artbook made for the occasion
  • Eight stylized pixel art character figures in window packaging.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster FF 35th Anniversary Edition is available only on the Square Enix Store and is ready for preorder right now. Quantities are limited, so order now to avoid missing out.

There will also be a very limited run of physical releases of the standard editions of the Final Fantasy I-VI Collection. It will be exclusively sold from the Square Enix Store starting in Spring 2023 – act fast, as quantities are sure to go quickly!

For those who have not had the chance to experience the immense greatness of Final Fantasy I through VI on PC and mobile, the Pixel Remaster series offers a perfect opportunity for fans to re-visit some of the best RPGs ever made, while still maintaining its original essence.

We are beyond excited for all those who haven’t got to experience these amazing games yet. The FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster series allows old fans to relive the magic and new fans to discover it for the first time – it is an excellent way to enjoy true masterpieces!

Let’s take a closer look at the games in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series.


This is the ironically named video game that started it all and marked history. As the player, you guide the Warriors of Light on a quest to defeat four fiends and bring peace back to the world.

Many beloved elements of the series make their debut in this first game, including a vast, mysterious world, iconic monster designs, and unforgettable music by Nobuo Uematsu.

final fantasy pixel remaster


The second game in the series, the aptly named Final Fantasy II is all but a sequel. Final Fantasy II brings a new world, new characters, and a hallmark of the series: innovation. The game’s story centers on the conflict between the hostile Empire of Palamecia and the rebel resistance, and a group of heroes must rise to protect the world from destruction.

Final Fantasy II showcases the developers’ willingness to experiment and break new ground, such as with its proficiency system, in which characters’ proficiency with weapons and abilities improves the more they are used.

This second Final Fantasy game also introduces Chocobos to the series, a now-iconic feature. Overall, Final Fantasy II demonstrates a commitment to pushing boundaries and trying new things.

final fantasy pixel remaster


When the world turns dark and is covered in shadows, four brave souls are chosen by the crystals to go on an epic quest through a dangerous and unfamiliar land.

Introducing another innovation with a flexible job system that allows characters to change job at any time, Final Fantasy III became a highly regarded entry in the series.

It is also the first in the series to introduce summons, including well-known creatures such as Bahamut and Shiva. Many of the most iconic elements of Final Fantasy made their debut in this game.

final fantasy pixel remaster


Final Fantasy IV offers one of the most compelling and emotionally resonant stories in the series, with characters and scenarios that remain beloved by fans thanks to beautiful 2D pixel graphics.

The game follows the dark knight Cecil, who is demoted after questioning his king’s questionable actions. Discover a story of betrayal, love, and redemption for Cecil and his friends that starts when the hero is sent on a delivery mission with his friend Kain.

This game is special for introducing the Active Time Battle (ATB) system; a unique combination of turn-based and real-time elements that make for exciting, high-paced battle tactics.

final fantasy pixel remaster


In the world of Final Fantasy V, the elemental crystals that sustain life and prosperity are losing their power, and the planet is on the brink of destruction.

The only hope lies with four heroes: Bartz, Princess Lenna of Castle Tycoon, pirate Faris, and the enigmatic Galuf. Drawn together by fate, they embark on a quest to save the world.

In addition to refining the ATB system, this game greatly expands strategic options through an expanded job system that allows you to customize your characters with 22 different jobs.

final fantasy pixel remaster


Final Fantasy VI is a highly acclaimed game that is beloved by both fans and critics and is the epitome of 2D pixel graphics, especially as Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster.

One reason for its popularity is its compelling setting and story, which take place in a world where magic has largely disappeared and humanity has turned to technology such as iron, gunpowder, and steam.

However, magic has not entirely vanished – a young woman enslaved by the evil Empire still possesses magical powers. When she encounters an ancient being called an Esper, she sets off a series of events with epic and dire consequences.

final fantasy pixel remaster
The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is already available on PC via Steam, as well as iOS and Android.
Stay tuned for our reviews for each game in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series.