Listen to Square Enix Music on their YouTube channel

Revealed on ResetEra (NeoGaf’s successor launched after NG’s debacle), Square Enix Music now has its own YouTube channel. Also available on YouTube Music, all the content comes from the publisher’s most famous franchises like Final Fantasy, NieR or Mana. Some lesser known series are also present such as SaGa with the magnificent compositions by Kenji Ito, or even the Chrono series.

In fact, it’s more than 5,500 tracks that are available right now on the channel as playlists for each game or for the mood. Square Enix Music offers some upbeat playlists like Final Fantasy -drive- or -up!- and even one called Holiday Playlist that quickly became my favourite.

Noticeably absent though is Dragon Quest for some reason. Is Square Enix trying to wrap its head around the heavy alt-right baggage of its composer, the late Koichi Sugiyama. Also not found yet is Kingdom Hearts from the Street Fighter II veteran, Yoko Shimomura. Some of the tracks are available in playlists though but there’s no entire soundtrack for each of the games.

Here’s the introduction video released by the publisher: