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Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm is a short film set between Final Fantasy X and its follow-up, Final Fantasy X-2, there is a cinematic cutscene called Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm. When Final Fantasy X International and Unlimited Saga were first released in Japan, a bonus DVD was included with both games that contained Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm.

The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine served as the channel for the English version’s initial distribution. The Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box Collection for the PlayStation 2, which includes both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 long before Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, also included the Japanese version. Other names for this cinematic clip include Another Story and Eternal Calm Final Fantasy X-2 Prologue.

The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, which was made available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC, includes the remastered version of Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm. To match contemporary HD TVs, all character models and textures have been updated. The music from the original release is still present, as is Rikku’s Final Fantasy X character model. In this edition, watching the sequence awards the player with the achievement or trophy “A Journey’s Catalyst.”

Characters from Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm

The people who appear in Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm are listed below.
Yuna: Spira’s high summoner.
Wakka: A former blitzball player, a childhood friend of Yuna’s, and one of her former guardians.
Tasgio is a New Yevon member who is concerned about his grandson playing in the Youth League.
Yaibal: An enthusiastic Youth League player.
Rikku: Yuna’s youngest former guardian and younger Al Bhed relative.
Shuyin, a brazen young man who appears in a sphere and who has an eerie resemblance to someone in particular, will play a significant role in Final Fantasy X-2.

Story from Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm

Yuna is currently striving to unwind and enjoy her newfound independence after defeating Sin two years ago. She practises holding her breath for extended periods of time while playing blitzball; her best time is 2 minutes and 41 seconds. Yuna is impressed by Wakka’s diving skills when he comes to pick her up, but she thinks Wakka will always be the best despite his recent weight increase.

Tasgio and Wakka had a conversation at the Besaid Temple. Tasgio is visiting Yuna’s house to speak with her about a situation concerning his grandson, who recently joined the Youth League. Tasgio doesn’t have anything against the League, but he and his wife are New Yevon members. Until one day, Tasgio’s grandson used to accompany his parents to all party meetings. Even though it’s okay for his grandson to be around kids his own age, Tagio concerns that their grandchildren are maturing too quickly.

Yuna considers the hypothesis that the desire for everyone to take part in the new age and reconstruct Spira has resulted in the emergence of new factions. Tagio struggles, despite his best efforts, to support his grandson. Because she believes that people dispute about what to do because they have different beliefs, Yuna assures herself that what she is doing is moral. Tasgio is advised by Yuna to talk to his grandson because she believes that even if he has chosen a different path, he still shares their ambition to repair Spira.

Wakka questions Yuna about the son of the chairman of New Yevon, who has proposed to marry her, as she leaves the hamlet. Yuna believes that Wakka’s apology from the chairman’s son is just a ruse. Wakka assures the group that he will deliver the message, but Yuna tries to go it alone.

A man by the name of Yaibal delivers a message from Nooj, the leader of the Youth League. Wakka tells Yaibal she has no interest in joining the League, while Yuna tells Yaibal she has no interest in joining any organisation. Yaibal wonders if Yuna would start her own organisation, but Yuna tells him to go.

On the ship, Yuna reveals that Rikku is circling Spira, saving outdated equipment and instructing people in its use. Then Rikku appears. Rikku makes fun of Wakka while also asking about the villager Lulu. Wakka asks about Kimahri Ronso, the abandoned Ronso being taught at Mount Gagazet. Rikku shows Yuna an ancient sphere that Kimahri had found of Mt. Gagazet, the home of the Ronso, with an uncanny resemblance to Tidus imprisoned and asking to “see the summoner.”

Wakka is perplexed and wonders if the man is indeed Tidus. The choice to identify the man is made by Yuna. Wakka wonders if Yuna is ready to depart right away as Yaibal appears out of nowhere and declares that Nooj would help after offering to ask Nooj personally. Wakka asks Yaibal to let him go, and he complies, promising to come back with a detailed report on the investigation.

Wakka claims that Yuna is unable to go since everyone wants to see her. Rikku says that Yuna should have complete freedom after all that she has done for Spira. Wakka reluctantly agrees, but only when things quiet down, and Rikku wonders what if things never calm down.

In Rikku’s opinion, Yuna’s dreams are placed on wait as everyone else pursues their goals. Ultimately, Yuna decides to go, much to Wakka’s astonishment and Rikku’s delight. “I recognise it’s selfish, but this is my narrative,” Tidus is reported as saying by Yuna.

Rikku expected that Yuna would want to go, so she brought a change of clothes for her so that she could travel surreptitiously. Wakka leaves to join Lulu in Besaid at the start of Final Fantasy X-2, but Yuna decides to leave Besaid immediately away and join Rikku’s team of sphere hunters to search for Tidus.

Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm’s Behind the Scenes

The tale wasn’t originally going to be continued, but when Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm was released alongside Final Fantasy X: International, the creators decided to do so. The passionate fan response was the reason behind this.

Despite the fact that Eternal Calm takes place two years after Final Fantasy X, Rikku’s model is the same. This can be explained by the fact that Rikku wouldn’t have had a new character model yet if the developers hadn’t initially planned to make Final Fantasy X-2.

In the original Japanese version of the sphere recording, Tidus, not Shuyin, is shown in the Bevelle prison. This change was made in the English translation.

The original PlayStation 2 version’s spherical recording of Shuyin in jail does not include music; instead, it has sound effects of him bashing against the cell doors and rattling the bars. In the HD Remaster, the “Shuyin’s Theme” is played over it, but Shuyin’s voice is muffled and the sound of the cage shaking is not there.

Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm’s etymology

The term nagi is where the word nagi from Eien no Nagisetsu genuinely originates. The Japanese word “nagi” refers to a calm, mild wind (with a precise wind speed between 0 and 0.2 metres per second). The nagi condition is also considered as the safest time for seafarers and fisherman to launch from shore in Japan.

FAQ for Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm

Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm – What is it?

A: The short film Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm connects the events of Final Fantasy X with those of its follow-up, Final Fantasy X-2. Consider it to be almost the same content as Radical Dreamers to Chrono Cross, with the exception that it cannot be played. On the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm was a bonus feature.

How long is Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm?

The length of Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm is roughly 20 minutes.

What is Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm’s storyline?

X in Final Fantasy Two years after the events of Final Fantasy X, in the game Eternal Calm, Yuna is adjusting to life following her quest to vanquish Sin. She starts to feel empty and decides to go off on a new trip to discover where she fits in the world.

Is Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm required to comprehend Final Fantasy X-2’s story?

It is not necessary to watch Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm in order to comprehend the story of the sequel, even though it does contain some background information that may be useful in understanding the events of Final Fantasy X-2.

Is there a version of Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm except English?

Yes, there is a Japanese version of Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm with English subtitles.

Can I view the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm separately?

Unless you own a PlayStation 2 and a physical copy of Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm, it is now impossible to see the movie without first watching the HD Remaster. On different systems, such as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam, the HD Version can be purchased.

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