Why Does Square Enix Hate Xbox? An Intricate Dive Into the Missing Love Affair

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Square Enix, a powerhouse in the gaming world, is often seen as a faceless video game publisher churning out enthralling stories and experiences. From the Final Fantasy series to the Kingdom Hearts series, Square Enix has been a prominent player in crafting successful narrative games. However, it’s high time we address the gargantuan Chocobo in the room: why does Square Enix hate Xbox or more precisely, why does Square Enix seem to have an aversion towards the Xbox platform? From exclusive deals to the seemingly limited series sales on Xbox, let’s unravel this compelling story.

A Historical View

Square, before it merged with Enix, focused primarily on the Japanese market. Japanese games of the 90s and early 2000s often favored Sony and Nintendo due to their high-level platform support in Japan. Xbox, being a product of Microsoft, was seen as a Western competitor. This historical preference still seems to cling onto Square Enix’s sleeves like a stubborn piece of lint.

Series Affection or Rejection?

One of the primary gripes Xbox fans have is with the Kingdom Hearts series. This popular fantasy series boasts a rich amalgamation of action, adventure, and a freaking amazing narrative. While the entire series is available on PlayStation, Xbox users were late to the party. They had to wait until Kingdom Hearts III in 2019 in order to join the party. Even I.5 and II.5 HD Remix arrived later in 2020!

Kingdom Hearts 4 is anxiously awaited, and fans are losing their freaking minds over the possibility of it not being available on Xbox.

This disparity isn’t limited to the Kingdom Hearts series. Let’s take “Final Fantasy XIII” for instance. A central article that gripped the community was the “Final Fantasy XIII Review” by Square Enix Music Online and Studio Bentstuff. The actual article explained how Final Fantasy XIII’s bleak story and rich cinematic experience would be best enjoyed on a single platform, which was not Xbox. In the end, facing rising cost and needing to be profitable, Square Enix reluctantly decided to release Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 albeit on multiple disc due to Microsoft system still using DVD in the face of Sony’s larger Blu-Ray for the PS3.

Such articles, though seemingly innocent, pave the way for consumer blame and harm to consumers who expect equal treatment.

Comparisons to Other Game Companies

Comparing Square Enix with other studios further elucidates this issue. Take FromSoftware, for example. The studio behind the Souls games, including the sensational Elden Ring, has embraced Xbox as a platform. This action-adventure fantasy game, with its intricate and compelling stories, has captured a huge audience on Xbox (as well as the PC). Modern audiences crave these sorts of games, and the support from Western studios highlights that embracing multiple platforms is not only viable but also lucrative.

Square Enix’s Diversification and Xbox’s Game Pass

Square Enix has not entirely ignored Xbox. It has been flirting with the platform by providing several mobile games and core games through Xbox’s Game Pass. However, the mass market is still left desiring more. While Xbox Game Pass is a groundbreaking service, Square Enix’s hesitance to include its flagship series for too long speaks volumes.

Market Share and Audience

Square Enix, like other game companies, should recognize the global market share and audience that Xbox holds. Consumers are no longer limited to one platform, and preferences are ever-evolving. Square Enix’s focus on the Japanese market, while significant, should not overshadow the Western market or other emerging markets.

Conclusion: Time to Root Back to Series Roots?

Square Enix and Xbox might seem like two star-crossed lovers, destined to remain apart. However, Square Enix should recognize the importance of diversifying and embracing Xbox as a platform. By including their flagship series, like the Kingdom Hearts series, Square Enix can tap into an existing and eager audience. Not only would this move be lucrative, but it would also solidify Square Enix as a publisher that cares for all its consumers, rather than favoring one platform over the other.

This intricate dance between Square Enix and Xbox is a story in itself, and here’s hoping for a happy ending in which all gamers, regardless of their platform, can enjoy the fantastic worlds and narratives that Square Enix creates.

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What is Square Enix?

Square Enix is a renowned Japanese video game company known for developing and publishing a variety of game genres. They are particularly famous for their role-playing games, including the popular fantasy series Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

What is the Kingdom Hearts series?

The Kingdom Hearts series is an action-adventure game series developed by Square Enix. It is a crossover of various Disney settings with a compelling story that also includes characters and elements from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series.

Has Square Enix made mobile games?

Yes, Square Enix has developed numerous mobile games. Some of them are adaptations of their popular series, while others are original games. They have also entered the market with casual games and ports of their classic games.

Is Elden Ring developed by Square Enix?

No, Elden Ring is not developed by Square Enix. It is developed by FromSoftware, the studio behind the Souls games. Square Enix focuses more on JRPGs, whereas FromSoftware is known for its action RPGs.

Is Final Fantasy XIII (13) available on Xbox?

Yes, Final Fantasy XIII (abbreviated as XIII) is available on Xbox. However, Square Enix initially favored the PlayStation platform for Final Fantasy games, and “Final Fantasy XIII Review” articles had noted the game’s high-level platform support on PlayStation.

Is the Kingdom Hearts series available on Xbox?

Yes, the Kingdom Hearts series became available on Xbox in later years. Initially, the Kingdom Hearts series was exclusive to PlayStation, but Square Enix expanded its availability as the series gained a massive audience worldwide.

Is Square Enix Music Online an actual platform for music?

Square Enix Music Online is an actual platform where you can listen to music and soundtracks from Square Enix games. It is also known for featuring articles and reviews related to Square Enix’s games and music.

Is there any consumer harm due to Square Enix’s historical preference towards PlayStation?

Some consumers have felt that Square Enix’s preference for PlayStation has limited their access to games if they only own an Xbox. This can be seen as consumer harm, as it restricts the availability of games to a broader audience.

Does Square Enix hate Xbox?

It is not accurate to say that Square Enix hates Xbox. However, historical trends and market focuses have led to Square Enix often releasing games on PlayStation before they are available on Xbox. This has been changing slowly as Square Enix recognizes the global market share of Xbox and the demand from Western audiences.

Is Kingdom Hearts 4 going to be available on Xbox?

As of the last update, Square Enix has not released official information on the platforms for Kingdom Hearts 4. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if it will be available on Xbox.

Can I play Square Enix games on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Xbox Game Pass has a selection of Square Enix games. However, the availability might change over time, and it is recommended to check the Game Pass library for the most current listings.

Does Square Enix only make fantasy and cinematic games?

While Square Enix is primarily known for its fantasy and cinematic games, the company has a diverse portfolio. It includes action-adventure games, mobile games, and has collaborated with Western studios for different sorts of games.

Does Square Enix collaborate with Western studios?

Yes, Square Enix has collaborated with Western studios for several games. These collaborations often blend the narrative and style of Square Enix with the expertise and sensibilities of Western game development.

Does Studio Bentstuff create games?

Studio Bentstuff is mainly known for publishing guidebooks for video games, including many Square Enix titles. They have been involved in various projects but are not primarily a game development studio.

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