Teal Mask

The Teal Mask: a Pokémon Adventure With Intrigue and Flaws

As gamers, we eagerly ventured into the captivating world of ‘The Teal Mask’, a Pokémon adventure filled with intrigue and flaws. Like a double-edged sword, this game mesmerized us with…

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World of Horror

World of Horror Review – Chilling Retro Horror RPG Unleashes Eldritch Menace

Step into World of Horror, where horror lurks in every shadow. In this retro-styled RPG, we embark on a harrowing journey through the eerie town of Shiokawa. With an eldritch…

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Front Mission 2 Remake Review

Localization Nightmare Hampers Front Mission 2: Remake – Review

As avid gamers, we were eagerly anticipating the release of Front Mission 2: Remake. However, what we encountered was a localization nightmare that left us frustrated and disappointed. The confusing…

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Krzyzacy The Knights of the Cross

Krzyzacy The Knights of the Cross Review

Krzyzacy The Knights of the Cross is an unpredictable video game that leaves you wondering what's in store.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie Review – A Epic JRPG Finale!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie is an epic Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) finale that brings together three separate Trails subseries

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Final Fantasy XVI Review - recipes in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy XVI Review – Epic Action Adventure With Unforgettable Characters

In this Final Fantasy XVI review, we will delve deeper into the gameplay features, world, and story of Final Fantasy XVI, as well as its pros and cons.

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Like a Dragon Ishin

Like A Dragon Ishin Review – A Step Back in Time

Like a Dragon Ishin!, or as known in Japan, Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin!, is a kick-ass Yakuza game!

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Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler II Review: A Retro Throwback And Modern Innovation

Octopath Traveler II is a highly anticipated sequel that has garnered attention from both fans of the original game and newcomers to the series. With improvements made to the gameplay…

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Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Etrian Odyssey HD Remaster

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection – Create Endless Adventure in Etrian Odyssey HD Impressive Remaster & Dungeon Crawler

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is a stellar compilation of the first three games of the iconic dungeon-crawling RPG franchise, Etrian Odyssey. Released by Atlus on Nintendo Switch and PC in…

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Forspoken Review - Forspoken Tips - Forspoken Settings

Forspoken Review

Forspoken Review

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