Star Ocean The Divine Force Crafting – Create Stellar Items and Equipment

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From the very beginning of the Star Ocean series, fans have been captivated by its item-creation system. This mechanic involves creating items, however it often contains a greater level of complexity than anticipated from a secondary element. But Star Ocean The Divine Force Crafting is so useful for battles.

The possibilities are all yours to explore, with seven distinct categories at your fingertips. Will you have nothing but Vile Goop in the end? Or might a higher power grant you a beautiful blade?


What does item creation refer to?

Early into the lengthy storyline of Star Ocean: The Divine Force, a cutscene will be triggered at the Seaport of Rythal with series mascot Welch Vineyard at the docks. She makes an impression and drops her ring, thus beginning a side quest to deliver it right away to her in Delryk Village.

The plot then directs you to the major building at the back of Delryk Village, which is strikingly characterized by a massive finger sign. After a strange set of circumstances, Welch will thank either Laeticia or Raymond (whoever was chosen as the game’s protagonist) by teaching them how to Compound.

The primary of the seven kinds of item fabrication in The Divine Force has been outlined. Although this is a helpful explanation, we still have yet to discern the main concern from the section’s title. What does item creation refer to? How does it work? When Welch provides us with the power of Compounding, this perplexity can immediately be untangled.

By selecting the Item Creation tab on the main menu screen, you will open seven categories that you can participate in. From here, you can select one of your party members to take part in item creation. Remember to look at their ‘talents’ since they may be helpful to have when it comes to different categories.

It’s important to remember two things here. First, you will unlock more item creation categories in the story as more requests come in from Welch. Always visit her when she asks, and then you’ll gain access.

Furthermore, talents can be acquired naturally by having characters do item creation. So, don’t worry if a character like Nina has no talent at the start. But you should consider their innate abilities, for instance Raymond’s aptitude in smithery.

STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE item creation make money

Suggestions for Crafting Items

Focusing on Compounding for now since that’s the item creation category Star Ocean: The Divine Force lets players experience first, compounding requires two items to be combined into a new one. For example, with Albaird, the more they use Compounding the better they’ll become.

Nevertheless, don’t be shocked if you’re facing many Vile Goops on your journey. Additionally, if anything keeps producing Goop, don’t keep going with it. It’s probably an unfavorable combination.

Through completing game quests, you’ll occasionally happen upon Secret Recipes that tell you which ingredients are needed for various items. In the case of Compounding, your Secret Recipe might be something like Panacea Leaf + Game Meat.

From what we can tell, you can make a hefty profit (10,000 Fol!) from selling these Secret Recipes if you feel confident enough to memorize them by yourself. This recipe in particular is mentioned because there’s a chance that some of you might have already figured it out.

Knowing a character’s aptitude is essential in creating more complex items, however you can increase their aptitude by understanding extra talents. Characters may even have certain talents that are only available to them, which might make it easier for them to do certain tasks. We’re exploring this further as we play Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Crafting: Tips to Sharpen Your Item Creation Ability

Acquiring stronger equipment and valuable items isn’t a one-time process; it couldn’t require taking several steps. That may not apply to all purchases; some of them, such as Blueberry Potion, may be straightforward. But this approach can come in handy when using skills like Smithery, for instance.

Mithril is an incredibly useful resource as it can be processed using the Alchemy item creation category to eventually produce Moonstones, which are considerably more valuable than Mithril. Therefore, Mithril is a remarkable base component that contributes to more impressive and profitable feats.

Yet, commanding a character with a Level One Alchemy capability to make Moonstones from Mithril usually won’t have the best outcome. It’s better to grind and level up their Alchemy until Level Ten is reached over time.

Grinding will cost you materials and Fol, and it will increase your character’s experience in a certain field, but at lower levels it is often best to use low-quality materials and small amounts of Fol over and over again, rather than to risk going bankrupt.

What makes creating items so worth it?

Believe us when we say that item creation can become your single most reliable source of amazing gear and other goodies. With time and practise, you can outperform anything the merchants of Star Ocean: The Divine Force have in stock for you, eclipsing maximum weapon strength by hundreds or even thousands of points of Attack, doing the same for Armor and Defense, and crafting consumable concoctions fit for the gods.

This requires dedication. This entails quite a bit of effort, if we are to be blunt, yet solely in relative terms. Moving from Point A to Point B in The Divine Force is as simple as glancing at a map, and you can complete it within 20 minutes of taking a direct route. On the other hand, reaching Level Ten in Authorship, which is an item creation category, will take much more than 20 minutes.

Breaking up your grinding sessions into shorter periods, stocking plenty of average (and therefore inexpensive) items for grinding, and being patient about the process will enable you to craft even mid-game items into valuable treasures.

Where to find the recipes?

We listed the entirety of the recipes in another article.

We also listed all the side quests as well as the best party characters and what to do after you beat the game (sort of a new game plus).

Where to buy Star Ocean The Divine Force?

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