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Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer to Square Enix space opera, you’ll be happy to know that the Star Ocean Series is now available for PlayStation Plus subscribers. From the remake of the first entry, Star Ocean First Departure R, to the latest installment, Star Ocean The Divine Force, all games are now ready to play, with one notable exception of course: Star Ocean The Second Story as the remake is coming out this November.

Which games from the Star Ocean Series can I play through PlayStation Plus?

Here is the full list of Star Ocean games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers as of October 2023

  • Star Ocean First Departure R
  • Star Ocean Till the End of Time
  • Star Ocean The Last Hope 4K & FHD Remaster
  • Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness
  • Star Ocean The Divine Force

How to play Star Ocean Series on PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers can play Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness as well as the newest one, Star Ocean The Divine Force. PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can play both and Star Ocean First Departure R, Star Ocean Till the End of Time and Star Ocean The Last Hope. Here is how to proceed to get a PlayStation Plus Extra or a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription to play the Star Ocean Series:

  1. Turn your PS4 or PS5 on
  2. Navigate to the PlayStation Plus section
  3. Select the PlayStation Plus Extra or the PlayStation Plus Premium tier and you’re done!

Additionally, if you want to save some money, you can follow these steps:

  1. Get one or more PlayStation Plus gift cards from one of our partners on Amazon or Play-Asia (learn more about this online marketplace). You will receive your redeemable code instantly.
  2. Turn your PS4 or PS5 on (or go to PlayStation website)
  3. Navigate to the PSN tab
  4. Go to the options
  5. Select Redeem
  6. Redeem your code or codes and enjoy your free games from the Star Ocean Series.

What is Star Ocean First Departure R about?

Star Ocean First Departure R PSN Cover Star Ocean Series

The game begins in the little village of Kratus on the backward planet of Roak in the year S.D. 346 (A.D. 2432). Roddick, Millie, and Dorne, three of the local Fellpool (cat-like people) teenagers, make up the village’s “Defense Force” and keep the peace by preventing petty crime.

However, a dreadful disease that transforms people into stone spreads to the nearby village of Coule. Millie’s father, the town healer, develops the disease while attempting to treat it, prompting the gang to travel to Mt. Metorx in pursuit of a legendary plant that can treat any ailment. After unknowingly touching an infectious pigeon, Dorne becomes ill as well.

Ronyx J. Kenny and Ilia Silvestri, two crew members of the Earth Federation (Terran Alliance in the PSP remake) spacecraft Calnus, await them at the peak. They explain that the alien race of Lezonians, with whom the Earth Federation is at war, is responsible for spreading the disease across the world. Roddick and Millie accompany them on their spaceship in search of a remedy.

A major breakthrough in the conflict could be achieved with the help of Fellpool blood, since it is discovered to be capable of processing a unique, invisible element. When the Federation finally makes contact with the Lezonians, they learn that they were manipulated into the war by a mysterious and powerful outside entity that despises the Federation.

They try to find a cure for Dorne’s illness by conducting tests on him before he dies. They concluded that the only method to combat it would be to create a vaccine employing the disease’s etiological agent. Although the virus was first detected on Roak, it was traced back to Asmodeus, King of the Demon World, who had been slain 300 years before the epidemic spread. To find Asmodeus while he was still alive 300 years ago, Ronyx convinces his companions to use a Time Gate on the planet Styx.

Unfortunately, when Ilia approaches the gate, she falls. This causes a temporal lag for Ilia and Roddick, and after their journey through time they find themselves separated from Ronyx and Millie. To save their loved ones from harm and end the fighting, both factions are dedicated to tracking down the other and Asmodeus.

What is Star Ocean Till the End of Time about?

Star Ocean Till The End of Time Battle Star Ocean Series Star Ocean 3

Star Ocean is set in a science fiction universe, albeit, like the first two games, much of the action takes place on a “underdeveloped planet.” It’s the year S.D. 772 (A.D. 2858) in the game. It has a galactic government in the form of the Pangalactic Federation, aliens of various races and species, political parties, conquered worlds, and cutting-edge technology. Despite its science-fictional veneer, the cosmos is home to a magical practice known as symbology (heraldry in the Japanese original and Star Ocean: The Second Story). Numerous backwards worlds rely heavily on tattooed crests and runes to access hidden power in the form of spells, as this is the standard symbology used there. Symbology is viewed as a valid scientific discipline in-universe, despite its association with the supernatural.

Fayt Leingod, a young man, and his childhood friend, Sophia Esteed, are introduced in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time while on vacation with Fayt’s family on the planet Hyda IV. Robert Leingod, a pioneer in the study of genetic symbols, is Fayt’s father. The Vendeeni, a technologically advanced extraterrestrial race that lives on a single planet, attacked Hyda IV for no apparent reason, sparking a conflict with the Pangalactic Federation. On the spaceship Helre, Fayt and Sophia manage to get away from the Leingods, but they don’t make it back to Fayt’s parents, Robert and Ryoko. The Vendeeni also launch an attack on the Helre, forcing them apart.

Fayt’s escape pod crashes on Vanguard III, a “underdeveloped planet” with technology similar to Earth in the 16th century, and there he learns that an extraterrestrial criminal, the banished Rezerbian Norton, is preparing to take over the planet.

Then, Quark member Cliff Fittir lands and assists Fayt in his fight against the criminal. Fayt finds out that the head of the Quarks wants to talk to him and save his father, but Cliff doesn’t tell him why. Following their escape from the planet and introduction to Cliff’s helper Mirage, the Vendeeni launch another attack, but Cliff and Mirage are able to avoid capture and crash land on the undeveloped planet of Elicoor II. In terms of technology, Elicoor appears to be similar to Earth in the 17th century.

After crashing their ship, Fayt, Cliff, and Mirage find themselves in the capital of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, whose citizens are convinced that their craft is a weapon created by Aquaria, their enemy. After Mirage runs away, Fayt and Cliff are captured; however, an assassin named Nel Zelpher, who wrongly assumes that they are engineers from the advanced world of Greeton, comes to their rescue. She saves them, but only if they agree to use their technological expertise to help Aquaria; if they refuse, she would kill them to keep secret information from falling into Airyglyph’s hands.

The two are thrust headfirst into the conflict between the two kingdoms, which escalates into a titanic showdown. Then, a Vendeeni battleship that has located its prey appears in the sky, presenting the Elicoorians with a new enemy. But Fayt uses an undiscovered ability to destroy the battleship, leaving only another battleship in orbit.

Maria Traydor, the commander of the Quark, arrives on Elicoor while everyone else is preoccupied. Quark and the Vendeeni had apparently been after Fayt the whole time, aware of his special skills. An “out of place artifact” and Fayt’s father are at the center of the conflict; both are ultimately slaughtered by the Vendeeni before Maria can finish interrogating them for their “crimes.”

What is Star Ocean The Last Hope about?

Star Ocean The Last Hope Battle Star Ocean 4 Star Ocean Series

Earth in S.D. 0010 (A.D. 2096) is on the verge of annihilation in The Last Hope, a prequel to the original Star Ocean. Several conflicts between the World Republic Federation, the global government at the time, and its adversaries led to the outbreak of World War III in 2064. Both sides of the conflict wasted no time in resorting to the use of WMD, which ravaged the planet.

The deteriorating situation caused the populace to fear that the end of the world was at hand, and the urgent situation compelled both sides to declare an end to hostilities. The battle had decimated humanity to the point where the planet’s natural ecology was rapidly deteriorating.

In the year 2065 A.D., the world’s remaining population was confined to underground cities, and its nations united under the banner of the Greater United Nations. The Greater United Nations created the Universal Science and Technology Administration, or USTA, with the goal of finding a new habitable planet for humanity to call home.

Professor Trillas Bachtein’s Subspace warp drive tests were a success in S.D. 0001 (A.D. 2087), the first year of the newly established Spacedate calendar. In the same year, the USTA quietly began work on the Space Reconnaissance Force (SRF) project, which would eventually launch the first human expedition into space in the year S.D. 0010 in search of a habitable planet on which to relocate humanity.

What is Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness about?

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Battle Star Ocean Series Star Ocean 5

The events of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness occur in the year S.D. 537 (A.D. 2623), between the events of Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Location: 6,000 light years from Earth, on the planet Faykreed.

A protagonist lives on a “undeveloped” planet that is plunged into disarray after making initial contact with a spacefaring civilization. The cast also includes Relia, an emotionless and amnesic girl, Fidel Camuze, a fencer who defends his village, Miki Sauvester, the game’s heroine and Fidel’s childhood friend, Eden Riegel, and Kaito Ishikawa. Depending on the reader’s decisions, the story can conclude in a variety of ways.

What is Star Ocean The Divine Force about?

Star Ocean The Divine Force Star Ocean Series Star Ocean 6 Hero Select Screen

The events of The Divine Force occur between Star Ocean: Anamnesis (set in a.d. 2670) and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (set in a.d. Historically a force for peace and justice in the galaxy, the Pangalactic Federation has recently undergone a dramatic transformation, becoming shrouded in shadow and forcibly absorbing worlds against their will.

Captain Raymond Lawrence of the merchant vessel Ydas is on a routine cargo assignment for his family’s business when he leaves the non-federated planet of Verguld. Things go wrong when Bennett Maudsley attacks the Ydas with the dedicated warship Astoria, which is transporting Marielle L. Kenny, a member of the prominent Kenny family in the Federation. Raymond and his crewmate Chloe Kanaris are thrown into pandemonium and are forced to abandon ship, making their way to the uninhabited fourth planet in the Aster System.

Upon touching down, Raymond and Chloe become separated, and he is promptly attacked by the local fauna. But just as things look hopeless, Laeticia Aucerius, princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius, and Albaird Bergholm, her knight, come to the rescue. Laeticia, awed by Raymond’s mysterious past, begs him to help her find the evasive Midas Felgreed and protect her realm from the neighboring Vey’l Empire. In exchange for locating Chloe, he agrees. The two heroes leave Aster IV to begin a voyage that will rock the cosmos to its very core.

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